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February 1, 2023

Presidential elections 2014: Candidates start offensive in Diaspora

Aware that the vote of Romanians living outside the country can weigh decisive in the out coming elections, the presidential candidates have begun the offensive in Diaspora to gather votes and convince those working abroad to vote for them. The first presidential candidate who broke the ice and walked into the Romanian Diaspora in this electoral campaign was PSD candidate, Victor Ponta. Through his approach, Ponta seems more decided than ever to change the optical of Romanians living and working abroad, especially those from Spain and Italy, which have so far voted for rightist candidates, each time turning their back to PSD.He was in Turin on Saturday to meet with representatives of the Romanian community living in Italy, and on Sunday traveled to Madrid to meet with members of the Romanian community in Spain.  Ponta’s main message in Turin and Madrid was that  he wants to be a prime minister of all Romanians, not only of those who live in Romania, but also of the Romanians living outside the country’s borders.
‘Today I am in Italy, tomorrow I’ll go to Spain, because I want to be the prime minister of all Romanians, not only of those who live in Romania, but those in the Diaspora also have the right to benefit from what we have succeeded in adopting in Romania, namely the First Home and the First Car programmes, the European funds and the programmes we fund from European money, including the elimination of all the consular taxes for children, that we have adopted’, Ponta said Saturday in Turin. “It was important to see to what extent we succeed in having a more united community, because you can imagine there are more than a million Romanians in Italy, more than a million Romanians in Spain who must be treated fairly. The most important thing is that it should everywhere be understood that we are no second-rate European citizens, we are European citizens exactly like all the others”, he added.
The second candidate to come to Italy to meet with Romania’s community members is independent candidate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu,  President of the Senate who will be in Rome on October 26, following the actions of the Association of Romanians in Italy (ARI) Rome, who “invited all presidential candidates to attend the event.”

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