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January 27, 2023

Romanian grain production in 2014, 5th largest in the EU

The production of grains has grown by over 1.5 million tons in 2014 compared to 2013. Romania’s grain production has reached a level of over 20 million tons for the second consecutive year. According to COCERAL – the organization of European grain traders – Romania is one of the top countries in the EU in what concerns the cultivated surface and the production obtained. According to the aforementioned institution’s latest estimates, in 2014 Romania registered a grain production of 21.793 million tons, compared to 20.125 million tons in 2013. It’s a significant and substantial growth which contributed, along with the production of other states, to the consolidation of the European Union’s position on the global grains market. According to COCERAL, this year the European Union registered a total grain production of 320.380 million tons, compared to 301.096 million tons last year.
In 2014 Romania surpassed Spain, the latter’s total production of grains this year totaling 19.421 million tons and being significantly lower to the one registered last year (24.164 million tons). Thus, Romania climbed on 5th place in the total production of grains, behind France (70.357 million tons), Germany (51.357 million), Poland (31.615 million) and Great Britain (24.421 million). Romania was followed by Spain and Italy (16.545 million tons).
In what concerns the main crops, in 2014 Romania registered a total production of 8.268 million tons of wheat (7.995 million tons in 2013), being 4th, behind France, Germany and Poland. In the case of corn, Romania’s 2014 production was higher by one million tons year-on-year, totaling 11.348 million tons (10.257 million tons in 2013). In the case of corn, Romania was 2nd in the EU, after France which registered a production of 16.660 million tons of corn. This was the result of the fact that the surface cultivated with corn totaled 2.550 million hectares in Romania, being the largest surface cultivated with corn in the EU. The yield has grown from 3,900 kilograms per hectare in 2013 to 4,450 kilograms per hectare in 2014. Ordered by yield however Romania is on the last place in the EU. Maybe this is a trump card too, considering that the total production of grains can grow by improving the technology used and the yield.

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