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February 7, 2023

Udrea urges liberal voters to back her to get to the runoff

Presidential candidate Elena Udrea, running under the banner of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), told a news conference Timisoara on Sunday that the National Liberal (PNL) and Democratic Liberal (PDL) voters should back her to get to the run-off scheduled for Nov. 16, when she is convinced she would ‘beat’ Prime Minister Victor Ponta, which she believes the PNL and PDL candidate Klaus Iohannis would not.
‘If those in the PNL want to defeat the PSD and want to defeat Victor Ponta, they should support the candidate who can indeed beat him. Klaus Iohannis cannot and they also know this. I think the PNL and the PDL voters should back me. Today I am the candidate coming from rated third and tending to get to the run-off and that is why I hope that the entire opposition electorate, who does not want the PSD at Cotroceni will come by my side and support me to face Victor Ponta in the second round of voting’, Udrea said.
The PMP leader announced her intention to change the prime minister, if she wins the elections for president of Romania due on Nov. 2-16. ‘I would change Victor Ponta by changing the majority in Parliament, and the majority is changed by the will of the political leaders. There is no political leader who will not want to come by the side of a powerful president, knowing there follow parliamentary elections and the president is elected for five years,’ she said.
PMP’s candidate pronounces herself for the resetting of the political system
Mrs. Udrea pronounces herself for the ‘resetting’ of the political system through a referendum to dismiss the current Parliament, followed by the forming of a new government.
‘When the new president is elected, we need to reset the whole political system. I propose we have a new Parliament and a new government. As a president, I would dismiss the current Parliament and propose a new prime minister with a new Cabinet. The current Parliament is covering the thieves and corrupt people, it raises as a shield in front of them and discounts the people’s will, as expressed twice in referendums, when they said they want 300 members of the parliament, and a unicameral Parliament,’ Udrea said in a press conference on Friday.
According to her, the current parliament is an institution that protects the corrupt people and ‘favours the forming of crime networks’; therefore, she would ask Romanians to pronounce in a referendum on the dismissal of the current Parliament and for holding early parliamentary elections.
She mentioned she expects the leaders of parliamentary parties not resist the people’s will as expressed in a referendum on dissolving the Parliament, proposed ‘by a newly elected president.’
Udrea challenges Iohannis over the true candidate of the right wing
Elena Udrea challenged Liberal presidential contender Klaus Iohannis on Friday to face each other over ‘the true candidate of the right-wing’.
‘I challenge Klaus Iohannis to face each other before the voters so as to show who is the true candidate of the right-wing, of the opposition, the candidate who wants to and can defeat (Prime Minister Victor) Ponta. Klaus Iohannis does not want to and cannot do it. /…/ Klaus Iohannis does not represent the voters opposing the PSD ‘, Udrea told a news conference.
She added that Iohannis, ‘without the structure of the Christian Liberal Alliance behind him, is a candidate of no value, who would have no votes if he failed to have the votes brought by the two political structures’, namely the Democratic Liberal Party and Iohannis’s National Liberal Party that make up the Alliance.
Udrea said there is no real competition between Ponta and Iohannis for the Romanian presidency, since she said both are ‘the candidates of the USL’, the defunct Social Liberal Union that the PSD had made up with the Liberals.

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