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August 12, 2022

“Index zero”, featuring Ana Ularu, in world premiere at the Rome Film Festival

The long film “Index Zero”, directed by Lorenzo Sportiello and featuring Simon Merrells and Ana Ularu will be presented in world premiere on October 24, on Saturday, at the closing night of the Rome International Film Festival.
The SF film is included in the Prospettive Italia section of the film festival in Rome. The action of the film takes place somewhere in the near future, and tells the story of Kurt and Eve, who were born outside the borders of the United States of Europe, in a region abandoned after the great economical world crisis. She is pregnant and, in order to provide a future to their child, the couple tries to illegally enter Europe.
In this world, each citizen is granted an index of sustainability, based on their personal productivity and health. Actually, this index divides the society in classes. It is the factor that decides who would survive and who would die.
“Index zero” is the debut long film by Italian director Lorenzo Sportiello, who had already authored six short films so far.
Actress Ana Ularu, aged 29, has impressed the Romanian audience by playing one of the leads in the film “The Italian girls” (2004), directed by Napoleon Helmis. The actress also appeared in the short film “Turkey Girl” by Cristian Mungiu, included in the collective film “Lost and Found”, in “The Paper Will Be Blue” by Radu Muntean and in “Youth Without Youth”, by Francis Ford Coppola.
Moreover, she won the Boccalino trophy, the Swiss Critics Award for Best Actress at the Locarno International Film Festival for her part in the film “Periferic” by Bogdan George Apetri. Afterwards, Ana Ularu was featured in the series “The Borgias” by Neil Jordan and in the long films “I Am a Communist Old Lady”, directed by Stere Gulea, and “A Very Unsettled Summer” by Anca Damian. This autumn, Ana Ularu may be admired on the big screens in the film “Serena”, featuring the Romanian actress besides Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

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