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November 29, 2022

After the migration ordinance: PSD is richer with 300 ACL mayors

The term of 45 days when the government emergency ordinance permitting locally elected officials to swap party applied expired on Friday. Last Wednesday, the Christian-Liberal Alliance (ACL) sent a memo to all organizations asking them to calculate damages until yesterday. An initial evaluation shows that ACL has lost approximately 300 mayors after the enforcement of the emergency ordinance on migration, ‘Evenimentul zilei’ reports.
EVZ sources say that approximately 250-300 PNL and PDL mayors quit their respective parties and joined PSD or UNPR. The number however could still suffer changes, as the war for getting new mayors is fought up until the end. Some of the ACL branches with the highest losses are Giurgiu, Buzau and Iasi. Some of the best known mayors who have taken advantage of the ordinance are Liberal Marius Stan, Mayor of Galati, or Daniel Dragulin (PNL), Mayor of Calarasi. They both moved to UNPR. The husband of Monica Iacob Ridti, Tiberiu, the Mayor of Petrosani, also left PDL to join UNPR.
Giurgiu is among the top PSD originations that have imported most mayors from other parties, according to provisional data. A total of 44 mayors from other parties have signed adhesion documents to join the Social Democratic Party in the county. Another PSD origination with a very good performance in this department is Buzau, which attracted 27 migrants. The Iasi one got 27. The Social Democrats in Olt also recruited 22 locally elected officials.  Provisional statistics show that the number of migrants who have joined a ruling party is 10 in Timis, 11 in Prahova, 9 in Bihor and 8 in Vaslui.
Contacted by EVZ, PSD Secretary General Andrei Dolineaschi said he had no report on the total number of mayors coming into his party yet. Asked how many local officials PSD had got, the party spokesman, Dan Sova, in turn said he was not ‘the secretary of EVZ to answer that question’.
Boc does not take the opportunity to move to PMP
Although Emil Boc has said he would support Elena Udrea’s candidacy in the presidential election against Klaus Iohannis, he says he will not take advantage of the government emergency ordinance to move into PMP. ‘I will not use PSD’s undemocratic and abusive ordinance so that they can use me as an example to account for their theft of mayors. Anyway, I hope the decision is challenged in court and we don’t have the final part with the merger, for I am still of the opinion that the best solution is an alliance between PNL and PDL’, Boc said.
Iohannis: “Ombudsman Ciorbea is Government’s, not the people’s advocate”
Liberal chairman Klaus Iohannis, running for president of Romania in Nov. 2-16 polls said on Sunday that Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea is the Government’s, not the people’s advocate, adding it should be examined whether there is a possibility to file a criminal complaint against him.
Iohannis was making a pun on the translation of Ombudsman into Romanian, which means ‘the people’s advocate’ or lawyer
‘It is something going from ridiculous to embarrassing. It is obvious the Ombudsman may attack a Government’s executive order, no matter what the topic of such order is. /…/ It is ridiculous, it is embarrassing that the person put to fill in the Ombudsman’s position comes with such an unbelievable explanation. He is the Government’s advocate, obviously. I would have thought he is the people’s advocate, who must watch that the Government too should observe the constitution. It seems Mr Ciorbea has a different understanding of the Ombudsman’s sense’, Iohannis told Digi 24 news channel.
The presidential hopeful made the remark in comments on the Ombudsman’s recent answer regarding the Government’s emergency ordinance allowing the local elected officials to defect their party in the run-up to the presidential elections, a case on which the Ombudsman said he lacked competence.  Iohannis voiced conviction that the order will be declared as running against the Romanian constitution after the presidential elections.
When asked whether he will file a criminal complaint against Ciorbea, Iohannis answered: ‘We will have to examine the matter with the specialists, to see whether such possibility exists, but for the moment we must see that the people’s advocate is the Government’s advocate’.

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