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February 3, 2023

Hunor at Adevarul Live: “Romania’s partnerships with U.S. and the EU must be enhanced

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania’s (UDMR) candidate in the Nov. 2-16 presidential elections, Kelemen Hunor said on Monday Romania’s partnership with the United States and the European Union must be enhanced and there is no need of any other security solution for Romania. The UDMR leader also pointed out that freedom never came from Russia. “I think the partnership with the U.S. must be enhanced, I would not look for any other solution for a single moment, because this is not the case and there is no other alternative for our freedom, for our security. Freedom never came from Moscow, no good thing has ever come from there in this respect, I do not refer music, theatre, literature. Therefore, we have no interest in looking for another solution, this partnership needs to be enhanced, in fact,”  Kelemen Hunor told Adevarul Live debate when asked whether he would change anything to the Romanian security strategy.
As for Romania’s relation with Hungary, the UDMR presidential hopeful said it must be a strong one, based on trust and dialogue, reports Agerpres.
“Autonomy does not mean secession”
Hunor also emphasized Monday at Adevarul Live that autonomy does not mean secession and the formation of a state within a state, but subsidiarity, and it also does not harm state integrity.
‘We do not think of a state within a state formula when we talk about autonomy; we have never proposed such thing, it is a misunderstanding of both the word autonomy and our desiderata related to such demarches. In our view, in my view, autonomy means first of all subsidiarity. Subsidiarity does not mean segregation, separation. Autonomy means power sharing, letting local communities decide on their most important issues that regard their daily life and their future, and it does not mean state within state,’ Kelemen told Adevarul Live webcast.
Asked whether UDMR will win autonomy in the next 50 years, Kelemen voiced hope it will happen sooner, insisting that he cannot venture a deadline in this case.
‘I believe in the power of arguments, in empathy, I believe in the power of dialogue, and I believe that the same as things changed in 24 years, they will continue to change, because it is in our shared interest for Romania to be a strong country and for a harmonious relationship to exist with the majority,’ said Hunor.

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