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February 1, 2023

Innovative Romanian companies: INOVI – Intelligent Surfaces

By    Constantin Radut
The grand title of the 5th edition of the Most Promising Romanian Brand event that took place last week in Bucharest was won by INOVI – Intelligent Surfaces. The Sibiu-based producer of tactile info-desks, tables and podiums will benefit from a pro-bono branding program developed by a team of specialists from Seed Consultants.
“By winning the Most Promising Romanian Brand 2014 title we will also benefit from professional presentation at the level of visual identity, online presence and offline materials,” INOVI CEO Alexandru Dragomir stated.
The company that developed the winning brand was founded in 2002: SC RDT MEDIA SRL focused on the IT area from the standpoint of both services and production, having various entries at the Romanian Office for Copyrights (ORDA) and the State Office for Inventions and Brands (OSIM).
When did your company launch on the market of high-performing services?
In 2012, detecting a potential market, the company started to develop for production some interactive “made in Romania” systems. That is how the INOVI – Intelligent Surfaces brand was born, a brand under which we started producing tactile tables, podiums and info-desks, Mr. Dragomir pointed out.
The development of these Romanian concepts took some time, the company working mostly with collaborators from various domains. A very important step in the company’s development occurred when MBTelecom CEO Mircea Tudor, the inventor of the award-winning Roboscan, and Eurolines/TUI Romania CEO Dragos Anastasiu became the company’s shareholders.
With this significant contribution of capital and image, the Sibiu-based company managed to finalize a line of special design products at prices significantly optimized compared to those of the competition. Our systems ended up being installed in Bruxelles and at Procter&Gamble too, Mr. Dragomir added.
The company’s most recent achievement is winning the Gold Medal at the Geneva Inventions Exhibition in April 2014, with our line of systems.
What will the near future bring?
Company CEO Alexandru Dragomir gave us this answer:
“This year we have already made deliveries to Cairo and we are in advanced talks to sell our products in other countries too. Along with the products installed in Romania the company has significantly hiked its turnover and our brand is increasingly known in the interactive solutions domain. Since apart from a powerful image we also want to have an efficient location and specialized personnel, in the following period we will develop our business with the help of the company’s investors. The production will be moved into a larger space that would offer us enhanced production capacity and where we can conceive the new prototypes we already plan.
By winning the Most Promising Romanian Brand 2014 title we will also benefit from professional representation at the level of visual identity, of online presence and of offline materials.
By analyzing the current trend in the technical domain and the growth of the users’ need for visual and tactile communication, our plan for the following years is to continuously develop and to impose the “intelligent furniture” concept through our “made in Romania” products, a concept that would replace the living-room table, the desk at the office or at school, with accessible intuitive tactile surfaces.”
Godspeed, INOVI!

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