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February 4, 2023

Macovei claims she would be a constitutional president

Monica Macovei, an independent candidate in the Nov. presidential elections, claimed she would be a constitutional president, precisely as stipulated by the Constitution, a mediator between the state powers. “Being a jurist and always having observed the law … I shall be a constitutional president, precisely as stipulated by the Constitution, a mediator between the state powers. But, also according to the Constitution, the president is part of the executive power, he/she has the right to head the government meetings under certain circumstances. I shall respect the Constitution, I will work with everybody. … A president who makes sure the law is observed, who insists that the money stolen be returned in order to be able to invest in healthcare, education, agriculture, environment, who will ensure the judiciary’s independence and who will show the yellow or red card whenever the Government, Parliament or anyone else in this country breaks the law,” Monica Macovei told TVR1 national TV channel on Sunday evening.
She underscored that the prime minister she will choose will be a person with the same thinking as hers, who wants the best for Romania.
When asked if she will co-work with Victor Ponta if she becomes president, Macovei said she will bring everybody around the table.
“I am open to discussions, but I am firm and I do nothing against my principles. … I will hold permanent dialogue with people,” said Macovei; she added that she will not get involved in a President-Prime Minister wrangle.
“I will not carry out such a war [between the President and Prime Minister]. I want to be a model, I am serious, firm, I speak in a civilized manner, I can criticize without insulting. So, I will talk to Ponta and anyone else,” Macovei pointed out.

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