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February 7, 2023

Property restitution case: MP Ioan Adam has studied material on file

PSD MP Ioan Adam, whose remand in custody DNA asked for in the property restitution case, yesterday went to the Legal Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies to study the material on file. Committee Chairman Bogdan Ciuca noted that the file was in the custody of one of the committee members and that the special rules applied to everybody. ‘It is a standard procedure we have always applied. The file is in the custody of one of the Committee members who has ORNISS clearance, there are some special rules that apply to everybody’, Mediafax quotes Ciuca as saying. He added that, so far, neither Viorel Hrebenciuc nor Ioan Adam had asked for a postponement of hearing the case in the Committee. ‘There have been cases where they asked for a postponement. ‘There have been situations where they would ask for a postponement claiming unavailability of a defender, but, up until now, there has been no such request from either the colleagues or the gentlemen’, Ciuca said. Bogdan Ciuca also said that Ioan Adam, who is also a member of the Legal Committee, should normally abstain from the vote on the Committee, adding that no one would be given preferential treatment. ‘As far as he is concerned, he should abstain from voting. Mr. Adam, when we hear his case, will have the opportunity to present his position. For the rest, the same procedure applies to all MPs in this situation, no one will receive preferential treatment. Mr. Adam would normally be able to vote on the Hrebenciuc case. He will most likely be advised not to do that, though, because it is one and the same case’, Ciuca added.  The Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies has given the Legal Committee three days to produce a report on the requested remand measure against the MPs Viorel Hrebenciuc and Ioan Adam . The Chamber will have another five days to make a decision.
A former judge, currently a lawyer, Ioan Adam used to represent Ellie Vlad Sturdza, who claimed 40,000 hectares of forest as a heir. The investigators claim that the claimant was not entitled to the property, for which reason – they say – Ioan Adam stepped in to help him through his wife, who was a judge in Brasov.

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