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December 4, 2022

Tariceanu: “Romania and Republic of Moldova can unite together only in united Europe”

Romania and the Republic of Moldova can unite today only in united Europe and Chisinau’s accession to the European Union and the development of the two neighbouring states together will ultimately lead not only to a symbolical flower bridge, but to a continuous development line between Bucharest and Chisinau, Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, running for president of Romania in Nov. 2-16 polls said in a release to AGERPRES on Monday.
According to Tariceanu, the drop of the borders and the strengthened national identity are the coordinates of the road towards which Europe is going and Moldova should not be left outside it.
‘Our role in Romania, a role that I will pledge as a president is of a promoter and catalyst of the opening of the Republic of Moldova towards the European economic and cultural space, in order to thus weave together with you that network capable of anchoring the future, in a united Europe, of all those who live here’, he told the meeting.
‘Romania must be strong, because it is in this way that it will have a heavier say in Europe and in the world, and the Romanians will have a prosperous life and will be respected everywhere in the world. Strong Romania will also mean strong Moldova, which will thus travel the road to Europe, the road to economic development and welfare much more easily’, the Senate head underscored.
“Iohannis is like an elephant in a China shop”
Tariceanu on Monday implied that the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) chairman Klaus Iohannis has become Traian Basescu’s candidate.
He said that Iohannis is “like an elephant in a china shop” and characterised him as being a “complete novice” in all matters.
“Iohannis is so unqualified that he became Basescu’s candidate”, said Tariceanu at DC News, adding that the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) candidate is as changeable as a weathercock.”
He stated that Iohannis is like any “small town mayor”.
“Whoever comes to power and offers him a deal, he will go with that. This is Iohannis, unfortunately. For Basescu, it will be a masterful blow for he will manage to trick some of the voters by saying”: “I have nothing against Iohannis” and Iohannis will be elected, just to be his puppet, the same as he is a puppet in Blaga’s hands right now”, said Tariceanu.
Regarding a possible takeover of PNL’s leadership by Ludovic Orban, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said that, even though he has some supporters, he would be nothing but a “caricature”.
In what Monica Macovei is concerned, he said that she “is not a fair and honest person and that she is extremely able in hiding her true intentions”. He added that Macovei is building her campaign based on things that she claims she did but in fact she didn’t do.  Furthermore, Tariceanu stated that he believes that Teodor Melescanu is a “marginal” candidate.

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