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February 7, 2023

World Bank shows Romania has best governance quality in 20 years in 2013

The Romanian Prime Minister’s economy advisor Cristian Socol told Agerpres on Sunday that the last Worldwide Governance Indicators report drawn up by the World Bank experts show Romania had the highest increase in the quality of governance in the last 20 years in 2013.
‘The World Bank analysis of the 2013 governance efficiency in Romania points to the best score in 20 years’, Socol said, adding the analysis is ‘one of the most prestigious diagnoses of the quality of governance in a country’.
The advisor stressed that although Romania, in a regional context, still has to cover for the differences to the performances of other European states, the evolution of Romania was posted against such background as countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland obtained cuts in the values of the indicator in 2013 as compared to 2012.
‘The evolution of this indicator shows the Government has delivered on most of the promises made to the Romanians in 2012, as their perception of the quality of the public services, the degree of the public policies’ consistency, their adequate implementation and the Government’s credibility in meeting the commitments have improved. We have showed respect for the Romanians. We are glad that the Government’s vision of the balance involving the economic growth, the consolidation of macro-economic sustainability, the stimulation of the private sector and social equity is considered by the Romanians as being adequate’, Socol said.

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