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January 27, 2023

PNL presidential candidate does not consider himself “a rich man”

Liberal head Klaus Iohannis, running for president of Romania in Nov. 2-16 polls said on Monday he “absolutely” does not consider himself “a rich man” and that the wealth declarations of the other presidential contenders are much more substantial.
He insisted he has been the target of blows lacking fair play and in this respect he cited the remarks made by Social Democrat Gabriela Firea, who is the spokesperson of Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s presidential campaign about the fact he has no children. He described the remarks as “the lowest possible blow” and voiced satisfaction that Firea had been publicly sanctioned.
“It is the lowest possible blow. In a campaign as well, including a campaign based on blows there should be a lower limit no one could go lower. She went much below this limit”, Iohannis told B1 TV news channel.
He insisted that the fact he is an ethnic German and not a Christian Orthodox believer puts him neither at an advantage, nor at a disadvantage. “I do not think the fact I am an ethnic German sets me at a disadvantage or gives me an advantage. I do not think it is important that I am an Orthodox or not. /…/ These things are important, of course, but not in connection to politics. I have met many people over the last period and everywhere I’ve travelled no one reproached me that I am an ethnic German or why I am not an Orthodox believer. People want to know what do we do with the economy, what can we do to create jobs”, Iohannis stressed.
Iohannis  admits his mention of teachers being “tough luck” uninspired
Klaus Iohannis, the presidential candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) admitted on Monday that his mention of teachers’ ‘tough luck’ was uninspired.
‘It was a much uninspired answer, and I really think it’s time to publicly apologize, if anyone was offended. (…) I admit I had a bad day, and if that unfortunate assertion displeased anyone I assume my fault and I apologize,’ Iohannis said on Monday at B1 TV.
He claimed that teachers’ ‘tough luck’ for the past 25 years was being ignored by all the governments when it came to wages and working conditions; he added that a teacher with a salary close to the minimum allowed could not be extremely motivated. He also pointed out that education is a very important topic in his electoral programme.
Iohannis had answered in a webcast of Gandul newspaper a couple of days ago a question on his own personal wealth, compared to the average teachers, specifically on the reasons they didn’t fare as well as himself, by just saying: ‘Tough luck.
PNL leader confident he will win incompatibility case opened by ANI
Iohannis told B1 TV that he is convinced he shall win the incompatibility case opened by the National Integrity Agency (ANI).
He pointed out that as Sibiu mayor, he has submitted his position to the High Court of Cassation and Justice and that probably, the appeal will be examined next year.
“I have no problem regarding this suit. I won the first court case easily. … The court ruled that there’s no state of incompatibility in my regard. … I’m not worried, I had other suits opened by ANI and I won them all,” Klaus Iohannis said.
He pointed out the fact that the suit with ANI is not a “criminal case”, but an administrative case.

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