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January 27, 2023

ANI asks earlier consideration of Iohannis incompatibility case

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) has asked the Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation (ICCJ) for earlier consideration of the incompatibility case regarding national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis.
Judicial sources say ANI is dissatisfied with the Supreme Court having set at November 18 the first hearing into the case, two days after the second round of the presidential election.
The case reached the Supreme Court after the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal on September 25, 2013, nullified an ANI report that Iohannis was in a state of office incompatibility. ANI appealed but the case file was much delayed.
In April 2013, Klaus Iohannis was found in a state of incompatibility by ANI for holding simultaneously the office of Sibiu mayor and city representative in the general shareholder of the city’s sewage, water and marketplace administration corporations.
Under Article 87 (1)(f) of Law 161/2003, the offices of mayor and deputy mayors are incompatible with the position of representative of a territorial administrative units in the general shareholdership of the corporations of local interest or representative of the government in the general shareholderhsip of a commercial company of national interest.
The person found incompatible has to lose the right to hold a public office or position for three years after dismissal from the pubic office or position or after the rightful end of a term in office.
Iohannis: “Mayors who left ACL won’t be allowed to return”
Roughly 350 mayors who left the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) will not be allowed to return, presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis declared on Tuesday.
Iohannis, running for president with the support of ACL made up of his own National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), mentioned that most mayors stayed in PNL and PDL despite the temptations, pressures and promises.
‘Those who did not leave are more; they are serious people who resisted. There were temptations and promises, some might have been blackmailed, we’ll see about it later. Most of our 1,500 mayors decided their place was in the ACL. They have my respect and I thank them. I am telling the others they are weak, they ceded to promises, pressures, stories. It’s a good thing they left, because we are entering a hard battle. We cleaned ourselves before the first round [of the presidential election]. Should they have stayed with us, each of them would have been a potential traitor. If they chose to renounce their party for little, they should stay there. They don’t have much politics ahead. Do you think the PSD [ruling Social Democrat Party] will nominate those traitors as candidates in the local elections? These traitors will be ejected from politics,’ Iohannis said on Tuesday in a broadcast of Realitatea TV.
The head of the PNL added he would propose changing the legislation for the election of the Parliament.
‘We need a smaller, better Parliament, a bicameral one, but with serious people. We will discuss with the parties the size of the Parliament, but they should be serious people. Traitors and migrators will no longer have a place there. We don’t need the MPs who left anymore. And local elected officials will be eliminated, ousted by those they joined,’ the candidate asserted.

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