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February 1, 2023

Dragnea and Ghita contend over PSD presidency

rday announced that he would run in tandem with Liviu Dragnea for the offices of executive president and president of PSD in the eventuality of a ‘quick congress’ that might be held after the presidential election. ‘Last night, I had a long talk with Mr. Dragnea. We weighed the events that have happened in the party very well. (…) Because these debates have emerged into the public space, I and Mr. Dragnea decided that, after Victor Ponta is elected as president of the country, we will submit our candidacies at the party congress that will take place very rapidly. Mr. Dragnea will run for president of the party and I will run for executive president’, the PSD MP said on Romania TV.
Asked if his announcement was against the decision made by the PSD leaders a few months before in Orastie, that any discussions on Victor Ponta’s succession in the party would take place after the presidential election, Sebastian Ghita said the decision had not been respected by other PSD leaders. ‘We have all respected the decision made in Orastie until we realised that other fellow party colleagues has stopped respecting it. Since this subject was ended yesterday (Tuesday – a/n), we believed that the Orastie decision was open to all party members. (…) It’s pointless to pretend we are nuns. Victor Hrebenciuc and Dan Sova could run in tandem’, Sebastian Ghita said. He added that his announcement was not going to hurt Victor Ponta’s election campaign.
Liviu Dragnea, in turn, said that, if he decided to run for president of PSD, he would run in a team with Sebastian Ghita, saying that he could assure PSD members that, after Victor Ponta became president, the party ‘would not be in the hands of any combination-maker’. ‘If I decide to run for president of PSD, indeed I will team up with Sebastian Ghita’, Dragnea said.
Dan Sova, Marian Vanghelie and Sebastian Ghita, suspended from offices in PSD
The Social Democrat Party (PSD) is boiling after party leader Victor Ponta, Prime Minister and presidential candidate, announced yesterday that Dan Sova, Marian Vanghelie and Sebastian Ghita ‘will suspend themselves from all positions held within the party’. Dan Sova was Vice President and spokesman for PSD, Marian Vanghelie was Vice-President and Sebastian Ghita was president of the PSD online organisation, by virtue of which he was a member of the PSD National Executive Council. (CExN). ‘Being in a campaign, obviously that image problems are important and more acute. Over the past 24 hours there were attacks to our image (…), we have discussed very clearly and those who made the subjects of the latest public opinion news, Sova, Vanghelie and Ghita, all three will suspend themselves from all positions held within the party, following next the Executive Committee to discuss whether their actions have brought damages to the party image or not. (…) Those who make mistakes must pay. Those who have problems must solve them. (…) We have discussed and have reiterated a very clear message regarding all accusations that were brought to members of our party of late. Our message is clear that they should put themselves at the disposal of the judiciary, and if they are guilty, they should assume responsibility. Nobody will encumber the course of justice’, said Ponta, after the meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau.
Victor Ponta: ‘Any colleague who voices opinions publicly must be punished’
Victor Ponta called an emergency meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau last night as he thought that Sova, Ghita and Vanghelie had affected, through their conduct, his campaign for the presidential election. He said PSD MP Sebastian Ghita had been suspended from his positions in the party because he made statements without a mandate from the PSD leaders. ‘Last night he made statements without a mandate from the leadership. Any colleague who voices opinions publicly during this period must be punished. It’s a period when discipline is required, that’s all’, Ponta said.
Marian Vanghelie, former PSD Bucharest leader and Mayor of District 5, was recently the protagonist of a spectacular incident where he fought with
paparazzi and used injurious language against Ponta. The PSD leader noted that he, like other colleagues, had been previously warned.
‘I have warned them (Ghita and Vanghelie – a/n) and other colleagues. Some understood and complied with the order and discipline requirements, but others didn’t, and that’s why we are suspending them now’, Ponta said.
On the other hand, Ponta pointed out that Sova, involved in the Hrebenciuc case, was no longer PSD’s spokesperson, and that the position had been taken over by Gabriela Firea.
Ponta further said Viorel Hrebenciuc no longer had any leading position in PSD and that he had made himself available to justice.

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