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November 30, 2021

European funds absorption rate to be 80 pc. Small, too small!

In spite of all the praises that the Ponta Government has presented for some two years now, Romania will next year finish the 2007-2013 financial exercise with a European funds absorption rate of 80 per cent, European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated. The same minister stated that this year the absorption rate will surpass 50 per cent. Small, too small considering how much praise we have heard from you, Mr. Minister.
“The current financial framework will mean that this year we will have bills of approximately EUR 3.5 bln sent to the European Commission, so at least as much as we had last year, so that we will avoid that risk of automatic loss of funds. In 2014 we will receive at least EUR 3.5 bln, at least EUR 700 M more than we received in 2013. Of course, we will surpass that 50 per cent level. Next year we will close the current financial framework on at least 80 per cent of what Romania received in the 2007-2013 period, meaning EUR 19.2 bln,” Teodorovici stated.
He added that for the 2014-2020 financial exercise the first requests for financing will be launched in October and November. We thank you for your promises!

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