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January 31, 2023

Basescu: “On December 21, at 00:00 AM, my mandate is over and I will not stay a minute more”

President Traian Basescu declared on Thursday, before traveling to the European Council, that his mandate was over on December 21, at 00:00 AM and, constitutionally, he cannot stay “a minute more” in his position, and he does not intend to, despite various public claims that appeared lately.
The President declared before leaving to the European Council in Brussels that he manted to point out something, considering that, lately, it is a largely debated subject that President Basescu was attempting to prolong his mandate and that the Presidents intends to stay in Cotroceni until March. “Regardless of what happens in the presidential competition, my mandate ends on December 21, at 00:00 AM. On December 22, there must be somebody else at the Cotroceni Palace, either a newly chosen president, or the President of the Senate or of the Chamber of Deputies, whatever, depending on how things would go, considering that the President of the Senate is also a candidate”, Basescu declared.
The President outlined that “since 22, a new President must move to Cotroceni” and mentioned that there was no article in the Constitution that would grant the present President the right to prolong his mandate by as much as one day, “except for the situation of a war, God forbid”.
Although the opinion polls are led by two candidates and I think that neither of them is suitable for Romania’s Presidency, I cannot stay as much as one day longer after the end of my Presidential mandate”, Basescu declared and demanded that this subject would be discussed no longer, because the matter is irrelevant.
“Please, take into account the fact that, constitutionally, I cannot stay one minute more after the date of 21, at 00:00, because it would be illegal exercising of a presidential mandate and I will definitely not abandon the principle I followed throughout my ten years of mandate, the principle of defending the Constitution. Please, stop speculating on the topic of how much Basescu stays after 21. Let everybody relax; I am not staying one minute more”, Traian Basescu declared.
He also mentioned he intended to exercise his mandate to the very last day, with all its prerogatives, not he had no intention to prolong it at all.
“I am sorry that Romanians have to choose between a PSD puppet and an incompatible guy”
On Thursday, President Traian Basescu declared that “he was sorry” that Romanians have to choose at the Presidential elections between “a puppet of his own party, a part of the corrupt system of PSD and a guy in incompatibility”.
“I am sorry Romanians have to choose between a PSD puppet and a candidate who, unfortunately, due to his wish to ascend at any price, ignored the fact that he was confronting the risk of incompatibility, that can be established as such even after he starts his mandate”, Basescu declared.
The head of the state pointed out that, in the case of candidate Klaus Iohannis’ charges of incompatibility, “a decision reached by the Court after the validation of his mandate would suspend him from his position as President”.
It is a situation accused by all of us, the responsible ones, even in the cases of PMs established by definitive and irrevocable Court sentences as incompatible and we are demanding all of them to cease their mandates as MPs, even if they were advisors at the time the situation appeared”, Basescu mentioned.
President Basescu concluded that “Romanians have to choose between somebody who is a puppet of his own party and, actually, part of the corrupt system of PSD and somebody in position of incompatibility who would have a hard time explaining the bad luck of other teachers, who were unable to buy six or seven houses in Romania”.

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