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January 27, 2023

DNA investigators continue to disentangle ravel of corruption

Ex-SPP head Dumitru Iliescu under investigation, at large

Former SPP chief Dumitru Iliescu, through whom Viorel Hrebenciuc allegedly found out he was being shrivelled, will be investigated at large. He was escorted to the DNA headquarters Wednesday night to be informed on the charges against him in the new criminal case of the MP, Mediafax reports.
Iliescu has been charged with use of information not meant for publicity or unauthorised access to such information and buying influence. Iliescu retuned to the country on Wednesday. He was taken over in Arad with an arraignment warrant and escorted to Bucharest.
On Monday, DNA prosecutors conducted a domiciliary search in Viorel Hrebenciuc’s corruption case, where one of the charges is that he was helped by the ex-SPP head find out if he was under DNA surveillance or not.
In exchange for his services, Iliescu reportedly sought Hrebenciuc’s assistance in having his architect daughter hired. The MP allegedly promised him that, through his son, Andrei Hrebenciuc, he would convince civil servants to employ her.
In the same case, PSD Senator Dan Sova is under investigation for influence peddling.
Prosecutors say that, on October 17, Viorel Hrebenciuc – at the time leader of the PSD political group in the Chamber of Deputies, member of the National Executive Committee of the party and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies – asked Senator Dan Sova to sponsor a legislative proposal on the amnesty and pardoning of certain criminal sentences. According to Mediafax, the action supposedly had in view his own possible sentence or the situation of a PSD fellow colleague, Miron Mirea, sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. Hrebenciuc promised Sova – prosecutors claim – that he would support him to become president of the party in return for the favour.
Viorel Hrebenciuc’s son arrested for accessory to influence peddling and money laundering
Andrei Hrebenciuc was detained for 24 hours by the Brasov National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) prosecutors on suspicion of accessory to influence peddling and money laundering, but also for setting up the organised criminal group for the illegal restitution of 43,000 hectares of forested land, together with his father, Viorel Hrebenciuc, Ioan Adam and Gheorghe Sturdza.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice is now expected to decide if it admits the prosecutors’ request to remand Andrei Hrebenciuc in custody for setting up an organised criminal group, accessory to influence peddling and money laundering.
Andrei Hrebenciuc is accused by prosecutors that, beginning with 24 June 2013, together with his son, Viorel Hrebenciuc, MP Ioan Adam, Paltin Gheorghe Sturdza and Dan Costin Bengescu, set up a group seeking to obtain revenue by giving bribe, buying influence or illegal use of influence ‘for the purpose of expediting the establishment of possession and issuance of the property deed, followed by a quick sale of the forested land with an area of  43,227 ha received under court ruling no.231/R/2012 of the Covasna Tribunal, allegedly fraudulently issued’, Mediafax informs.
Andrei Hrebenciuc was questioned at DNA Brasov for approximately five hours Wednesday night. At about 9 am on Thursday he was escorted out of the building handcuffed and driven to the Supreme Court.
Paltin Sturdza, detained for 24 hours
The beneficiary of the over 40,000 hectares of forest, supposedly returned illegally, Paltin Gheorghe Sturdza, was heard by DNA Brasov yesterday in the case where PSD MPs Viorel Hrebenciuc and Ioan Adam are also investigated. After questioning, he was detained for 24 hours.
Gheorghe Paltin Sturdza, the heir of Dimitrie Sturdza and former owner of dozens of thousands of hectares of forest in Moldavia, seems to have illegally obtained over 40,000 hectares of forest.

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