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February 7, 2023

ICCJ to debate on October 27 ANI’s request for earlier court term in Iohannis’s incompatibility case

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) will debate on October 27 the request from the National Integrity Agency (ANI) regarding an earlier court term for the case regarding the incompatibility of National Liberal Party chairman Klaus Iohannis.
Initially, the High Court had set November 18 as the date for ruling this case, but ANI requested an earlier term, reasoning that the term shouldn’t remain for after the second round of voting for the presidential elections.
Iohannis’ case reached the High Court after, on September 25, 2013, the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals has annulled the ANI report that found that he was in a state of incompatibility.
ANI appealed, yet the case was delayed, which determined Agency head Horia Georgescu to address the High Court of Cassation and Justice a request to start emergency procedures for 33 cases opened on ‘RAJA’-type incompatibilities, among them Iohannis’ case.
In April 2013, Klaus Iohannis was declared incompatible by ANI, due to holding, at the same time, the post of Mayor of Sibiu and representative of the city in the General Assembly of the Stockholders of the SC Apa Canal SA (the city’s waterworks company) and SC Piete SA (the city’s markets company)
“Ponta is manipulated and a person of party cliques”
The presidential candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), Klaus Iohannis late on Wednesday accused his main opponent Social Democrat Victor Ponta of being “manipulated” and “a person of party cliques.”
He told an electoral meeting at northeastern Campulung Moldovenesc that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) “is a source of circus from dawn till sunset.”
“This period makes us realize what has been the result of 25 years of scandal, useless fuss. What do we see when watching TV? From dawn till sunset only empty words, corrupt people taken to the prosecution office. A Social Democratic Party that did nothing but circus, that cheap circus regarding the self-suspensions. Can we call the party governing Romania a serious party? Having Victor Ponta as its leader. Victor Ponta is being manipulated, he is a person of party cliques and this was never so obvious as yesterday and today [Oct. 21-22]. He has not left the party yet and they are all fighting as wolves to take over the leadership of the party,” Iohannis said.
The ACL candidate claims he holds “the cure for this disease of the Romanian politics”, and this cure is “The Romania of the Job Well Done”. He also said that his project aims to turn Romania into “a country with no corrupt people at the helm of parties, no corrupt people at the helm of the country”, “a country with an independent judiciary” where “justice is blind”.

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