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May 20, 2022

Political analyst Cozmin Gusa: “Things got out of hand in PSD, it seems like Ghita is Ponta’s boss”

Political analyst Cozmin Gusa attended the talk show “Perfect Imperfect” at REALITATEA TV. During the show, he declared that there are major issues within PSD and, after the announcement made by Sebastian Ghita on Wednesday regarding his intention to run alongside Liviu Dragnea for the Presidency of PSD, it seems like Ghita was actually Victor Ponta’s boss.
Cozmin Gusa explained that, actually, there was pretence of authority from behalf of Victor Ponta regarding the dismissals from various positions in PSD, applied to Ghita, Hrebenciuc and Sova:
“I was thinking about Ion Iliescu who, in his mediocrity, would have never dreamed, I think, that PSD could gain a group of leaders that would include somebody like Dragnea or Ghita, whom Iliescu pretends not to know. Obviously Iliescu knows Ghita, he is a hard essence, he is intensely liked by Ponta and disliked by the barons. Things have gotten completely out of hand inside PSD. If Ponta was not with Ghita, he would have said: ‘What do we have here? Mr. Dragnea, do you remember the PSD meeting? Mr. Ghita, how do you dare to come and ask for a position in the party, after I suspended you yesterday?’ Ponta is faking his authority and I am sorry I praised him yesterday. There is rarely a fight with four musketeers you can defeat. What Ponta did yesterday was a simulation of authority. PSD, as we know it, is a combination of barons, some of them supporting Ponta and the rest supporting Dragnea, while others, such as Vanghelie, are independent. But many of them are angry with the contracts Ghita has gained”, Gusa said.
The political analyst stated that, after the announcement made by Ghita and Dragnea, it seems that, actually, Ghita was Ponta’s boss.
“Ponta’s lack of action of today, which is totally contradictory to his actions of yesterday, raised many questions about who is actually the boss of whom. After today’s action, it seems that actually Ghita is Ponta’s boss. And today, he somehow dynamited, almost like a kamikaze, Iohannis’ breaking news. This oxygen balloon represented by Iohannis’ term was completely deflated by Ghita and the moment he and Dragnea had directed so poorly. Sebastian Ghita is a guy who has a loan of EUR 90 million to one of his friends (to Alex Iacobescu, editor’s note) in his statement of wealth. It is like a political Guinness Book”, Gusa pointed out.
Gusa shortly portrayed Dragnea and Ghita, the politician who want to run jointly for the PSD leadership. The analyst said Liviu Dragnea was not as big as he wanted to appear, adding that he was the President of the Local Council in Teleorman, the poorest county with the richest people in the political class. Moreover, he added he did not consider Ghita as intelligent as he pretended to be.
“Dragnea is not as big as he wants to appear. I will always see him as the guy who came to the PSD Congress in 2001, brought by Oprisan and Mitrea. Then, he declared that he never liked Basescu. (…) The statement that stupidity was not illegal was a good statement by Dragnea. Today, we have a tandem of candidates to the leadership of this great party; one of them is Mr. Liviu Dragnea, who never stood out by any political activity, the one who was the President of the Local Council in the poorest county, Teleorman, with the richest politicians. He is seconded by a guy aged 30-something, Sebastian Ghita, who was dealing with paparazzi he used to send out in order to film and blackmail his fellow party members. We are talking about a man who made his fortune by doing business with the state. (…) I do not think Sebi Ghita is as intelligent as he pretends to be, because, if he was that intelligent, he would not have so many criminal files. From this point of view, PSD looks terrible. These people are used that their leaders would be educated people, not ignorant wannabes. They took care that their leader would be someone respected by the PSD masses. Hrebenciuc was respected inside the party as he produced money in various counties. Obviously, they had their inside deals. This is why Hrebenciuc could not be propelled to the leading position. This is why they chose Ponta, an intelligent, educated person, I am telling you this because I know him”, Gusa concluded.

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