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February 4, 2023

Victor Ponta: “For the time being I am the head of PSD”

The Dragnea-Ghita duo, self-proclaimed candidates for the presidency of PSD in case Victor Ponta becomes Romania’s president, is stirring heated debates within PSD, the Premier reacting yesterday when asked by journalists. The Premier stated that first of all the talk should be about Romania and that “for the time being” he is “the head of PSD.” “Let’s talk about Romania and afterwards about this,” the Premier answered. “For the time being I am president of PSD and we haven’t won the elections yet. Of course, we are favorites in the presidential elections, however I wouldn’t want anyone of my colleagues to make the mistake of believing we have already won them. I am looking at Mr. Iohannis, who says he has won them, that the DNA is winning the elections for him, I am also looking at my colleagues who are saying that’s it we have won them just because Iohannis is weak. No, I don’t think he is, I believe both sides are making mistakes, I never liked to talk about hypotheses and I believe that, apart from the two or three days in which egos surfaced a bit, everybody is focusing on what we have to do, within the Government, within Parliament, with local representatives – and we’ll talk after November 17,” he concluded.
Asked about Liviu Dragnea’s statements about his duo with Sebastian Ghita at the helm of PSD, Ponta stated that Dragnea “sanctioned himself.” “I believe he sanctioned himself, that Mr. Dragnea is the one that works the most in the elections campaign and, instead of talking about the campaign, yesterday (Wednesday – editor’s note) we talked about something else,” the Premier said.
He warned his colleagues not to make the “mistake” of believing that they have already won the elections “just because Iohannis is weak.”
PSD MP Sebastian Ghita announced on Wednesday that he will run in a duo with Liviu Dragnea for the offices of executive president and president of PSD respectively, at a “fast congress meeting” that will take place “after Victor Ponta becomes Romania’s president.”
Vasile Gliga, PSD Mures President: “Any scandal means votes lost and we all lose”
PSD Mures President Vasile Gliga encouraged his colleagues to drop the scandals and deal exclusively with the presidential campaign, because otherwise PSD risks losing votes. “First we should mind the campaign in order to obtain a good result. It’s not the time for intrigues and scandals. Any scandal means votes lost and we, the ones working for this campaign, all stand to lose,” Gliga said.
PSD Senator Mircea Geoana shares that opinion. “Any talk – otherwise extremely necessary – about the future leadership of PSD and the composition of the future Government should be left for after November 16. Any talk taking place now is not doing us any good,” Geoana stated for Mediafax.
Referring to this subject, PSD Constanta President and Constanta Mayor Radu Mazare stated yesterday that to him the duo seems “all right” and that he is not tempted by the office of party president. “Had I been tempted, I would have been tempted by the office of head of state and I would have run. (…) It doesn’t seem timely to talk about the Ghita-Dragnea duo now, I haven’t been interested or preoccupied, but in principle it is all right,” Radu Mazare stated.
PSD Alba President Ioan Darzu stated that the future president of PSD will be backed by Ponta. “From my point of view, the future president of PSD will be backed by Victor Ponta. Of course executive president Liviu Dragnea could successfully handle the office of president of the biggest and most powerful party in Romania,” Darzu stated for Mediafax.
Firea: ‘Dragnea and Ghita have not broken Orastie resolution’
PSD spokeswoman Gabriela Firea said yesterday that, by making their announcement that they would run in tandem for the presidency of PSD, Liviu Dragnea and Sebastian Ghita had not violated the National Executive Committee resolution in Orastie, which was introducing sanctions against members who would campaign inside the party. ‘The President of PSD is victor Ponta. The Orastie resolution was that no one should campaign for the presidency of the party before the result of the presidential election is public and the National Executive Committee on November 18.
‘As far as I am aware, it was just an announcement, they did not have any political meetings, public meetings to present a political programme’, Firea said. She noted that it was Dragnea and Ghita’s duty to give explanations before CExN on November 18 about the talks they had, based on which they made their announcement regarding the presidency of PSD’.

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