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September 30, 2022

King Michael celebrated his 93rd anniversary

His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania celebrated on Saturday the anniversary of the venerable age of 93. On this occasion, a series of festive events dedicated to the King were organized these days in Bucharest and Sinaia, during October 23 – 30.King Mihai I was born on October 25, 1921, in Sinaia. He is the legitimate son of King Carol II and of Queen Elena. At the time being, he is the only surviving head of the state from WWII and witness to nine decades of the troubled history of our country. During these decades, Romania started out as a monarchy, became a Royal dictatorship, then had a Legionary Government, passed through Communist dictatorship and returned to democracy after a violent Revolution, 25 years ago.On Thursday, at Peles Castle, a ceremony was held and distinctions were granted to the King.

On Saturday, October 25, on His Majesty’s birthday, the Romanian Athenaeum hosted a Gala concert. This was the seventh edition of the annual charity concert organized by the “Principesa Margareta a Romaniei” Foundation, that uses funds thus raised to support young artists benefiting of the programs developed by the Foundation. This year, the young artists supported through the program “Young Talents” will benefit of 130,000 euro, announced yesterday representatives of the Foundation. The Royal Concert was performed by pianist Alexandra Dariescu, besides the “Principesa Margareta a Romaniei” Foundation Orchestra, conducted by maestro Tiberiu Soare. On this occasion, bookstands hosting books based on Royalties and various biographies of His Majesty King Michael I were exhibited in the Romanian Athenaeum foyer.Among the Romanian public personalities who sent His Majesty messages wishing a happy birthday, there was His Highness Daniel, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, as well.“On the occasion of Your Majesty’s borthday, we have the exquisite joy of wishing you health, happiness, and a long life. We pray to Our Saviour Jesus Christ, the Giver of Life and all good deeds to help you in your work of representing the Romanian nation. We wish you a long and happy life, Your Majesty!”, the Patriarch’s birthday message pointed out.


Ponta: King Mihai, a moral standard that elicits the respect and appreciation of the Romanian society


Prime Minister Victor Ponta says King Mihai of Romania is part of the country’s national history and a moral standard that elicits the respect and appreciation of the Romanian society.“His Majesty, King Mihai, is celebrating today his venerable 93rd birth anniversary. This is a moment of joy and solemnity before a symbol of Romania, a leader who has always shown us what honour, dignity and love for the country really mean. King Mihai is part of Romania’s national history, a moral standard eliciting respect and appreciation from the Romanian society. Mine is an attitude of natural condescendence to our past, to what we are as a nation, to the people who made history and who are our pride,” Ponta said in a message issued on October 25, King Mihai I’s birthday. The day, said Ponta, should remind Romanians of King’s urge to unity to Romanians, “which is more topical today than ever before.” “This day should remind us of one of King Mihai’s message that he has always sent to Romanians. It is his urge to unity, which is more topical today than ever before. ‘United among us and with our neighbours and brothers,’ His Majesty said in his memorable speech three years ago before the Romanian Parliament, that can restore our dignity and respect. Happy birthday and good health to His Majesty, King Mihai!” Ponta said in his message.








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