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November 23, 2022

October 25, Romanian Army Day: A moment for voicing respect and gratitude to the troops

A military and religious ceremony, including wreath-laying, was held on Saturday at the Glory to the Romanian Troops Monument of Carei to mark October 25, the Romanian Army Day and the 70th anniversary of the WWII actions of the Romanian Army that led to the liberation of the national territory, August 23 – October 25, 1944. Part of the ceremonies, military hardware and arms of the Romanian Army were paraded, and a group of professional soldiers showed how to handle guns.Attending the ceremony in Carei, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that the Government is under an obligation to secure for the Romanian Armed Forces all the conditions for them to successfully conduct their missions. He met in Carei with president Traian Basescu, but they ignored each other. This was the first joint participation of the two officials at an event since the start of the electoral campaign. While PM Ponta has confirmed his participation to Carei ceremonies at the  middle of last week, Mr. Basescu tok the decision to join the Army celebration in the very last moment.His speech at the event dedicated to the Romanian Army Day was concluded with applause from the crowd, but also with whistle and jeers.

Ponta   expresses respect and gratitude to the Romanian troops for their dedication

‘On behalf of the Government, I believe we have to voice our support and provide it to the Romanian Armed Forces, more than just to thank them and appreciate them for their activity over the past 10 or 20 years; our thanks should go back to the Independence War, and our duty is to secure the conditions required by the Romanian Armed Forces to successfully carry out all their missions. After difficult times, when the financial resources earmarked for the Romanian Armed Forces were absolutely insufficient, the Government has over the past two years increase the budget of the Defence Ministry and the Romanian Army. And it is also the duty of the Romanian Government, irrespective of politics, to make available to our troops, to our extraordinary human resources, the hardware and training they need for successful missions, and I believe this should continue,’ Ponta said in his speech delivered in Carei as quoted by Agerpres. He thanked the Romanian Army, voicing respect and gratitude to the Romanian troops. ‘Each year, it is a great honour to me to be on October 25 here at Carei, to join you under a sun that shows God loves Romania and the Romanian Army, to voice my respect, gratitude and support for the Romanian Army, which served and always serve the national interests. (…) I believe this is the moment when we have to thank the Romanian Army and pledge ourselves to never let such tragedies happen again in the country against the Romanian nation,’ said Ponta. In his speech, Ponta also congratulated King Mihai I of Romania, whose birthday was also on October 25, underscoring that the royal family, the army and the church have supported the country at difficult times. ‘Allow me to say that the Army, the Church and the Royal House have supported us at difficult times, and we, the newer generations, have a duty to carry on these values,’ said Ponta.


President Basescu thanks the Romanian Armed Forces for how they conducted their mission under his ten-year presidential term

President Traian Basescu said Saturday at Carei that the Romanian Army has a duty and mission to defend the Black Sea territory Romania has won in a court case before the International Court in The Hague. ‘A new mission for the Romanian Army that emerged in the past ten years is the defence and preservation of the Black Sea land won in the International Court in the Hague. Romania’s war fleet and the land troops deployed in Dobrogea have a duty and mission to defend these 10,000 square kilometres in the Black Sea, which means huge resources for the national energy system,’ Basescu told a Romanian Army Day ceremony on Saturday at Carei. He concluded his speech by thanking the Romanian Armed Forces for how they conducted their missions under his ten-year presidential tenure. ‘The mission of the Romanian Army has always been fully consonant with the interests of the Romanian nation, and today, on this anniversary, allow me as the commander-in-chief to thank the Romanian Army for its part in the history as well as for how they conducted their missions under my ten-year presidential tenure,’ said Basescu.


Gabriel Oprea: “Romanian Army’s strength  is the people who have opted for a military career, and who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, faithfully and patriotically”

‘The Carei battles of October 25, 1944, crowned the military campaign to liberate the entire territory occupied under the Vienna Diktat, a campaign that left nearly 50,000 Romanian soldiers dead, injured or going missing. During the battles, 872 settlements in Transylvania were liberated, including eight towns,’ Deputy Prime Minister for National Security Gabriel Oprea said in a message issued on October 25, the Romanian Army Day.
Oprea, who is also the Minister of Interior pointed out that in the 70 years since the historic moment of 1944, historical realities have changed profoundly. ‘The world understood that citizens’ safety and security do not depend only on what happens within the national borders, but also on developments in the world’s remotest places. That is why Romania today is fully and determinately engaged inside NATO and the Romanian Army has directly and consistently contributed, together with its allies, to guaranteeing the security of Romania’s citizens. During the 10 years of NATO partnership, we have all understood that being a member of a strong alliance is a privilege and we are convinced that the strength of such an alliance resides in the unity of its members,’ says Oprea’s message.He adds that ‘at such moments when risks and threats start manifesting increasingly more,’ when ‘the same as any time in history when they fared the worst, Romanians are looking at the Romanian Army, which was and still is a security pillar, a credible institution with a force to project confidence, hope and security for Romanians.’ ‘I had the privilege of being trained in the military system and I thus know that the strength of the Romanian Army is the people who have opted for a military career, and who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country, faithfully and patriotically. That is what the 26 Romanian soldiers did when they paid their blood tribute on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will never forget these heroes of our days. And I respectfully bow to the bereaving families of these comrades. My respects to the Romanian Army war veterans, the parents of modern Romania, who entrusted today’s Romania to us by their fights. The younger generations of officers should see in them models for competence, dignity and military honour. Happy anniversary to the troops, happy anniversary to the reservists and war veterans, and happy anniversary to the Romanian Army!’ Oprea’s message concludes.


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