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February 3, 2023

Traian Basescu: “Romania does not have an issue providing energy supplies”

At the end of last week, President Traian Basescu attended the European council summit in Brussels. During the summit, the head of the state declared, among other, that he is for supporting Ukraine, yet mentioned that Kiev must find internal resources in order to pay their gas debt. “Ukraine cannot ask for money every day. Yes, I am for supporting Ukraine during these rough times. Yet, we know very well what the IMF announced nowadays, that Ukraine should find internal resources, because these resources to exist”, President Traian Basescu declared, after the European Council meeting, when asked what his opinion about the support demanded by Ukraine to pay its gas debt (to Gazprom, editor’s note) was, as quoted by Mediafax.
The head of the state mentioned that Romania will not oppose granting financial help, may Ukraine need it. “In case Ukraine is confronted with issues regarding payments, obviously Romania will not oppose helping them cover their bills. Yet, Ukraine must understand that it is a bif country and it is expected to find resources to survive on its own, not keep asking for money”, Basescu outlined. “Freedom means creating your own conditions to stay free, because if you are dependent in all matters, such as gas, money and food, you cannot be a strong country”, Traian Basescu also added.
“No gram, no cubic metre of Romanian gas will pass through the South Stream”
On Friday, after the European Council summit, President Traian Basescu declared that “no gram, no cubic metre of Romanian gas” will pass through the South Stream project, through Bulgaria, mentioning that all Romanian gas exports will be made via Transgaz.
President Traian Basescu also declared that the evaluation made by the European Commission, that Romania may be at risk if Russia reduces gas exports, is “wrong”. “They received wrong data from the country and this is why they made a wrong analysis. Romania does not have issue providing energy supplies. We have resources to cover our needs and we have flexibility in providing the fuel for steam power plants. We have many gas-fueled power plants that can be moved on black oil or coal”, Traian Basescu declared.
“Last year, a massive gas deposit was discovered in the Black Sea, in the Domino area, and, these days, a second huge gas deposit was discovered in the Black Sea, by Exxon as well. Under the circumstances that our target is to fully cover the demands of gas needed by the Romanian economy and that of the Republic of Moldova, the priorities we will consider, depending on further discoveries in the Black Sea, but also on eventual terrestrial ones, there might be a system of selling gas, with one condition, a condition I also outlined while discussing with Mr. Rois (the president of the company OMV, editor’s note) two weeks ago, and with the American Ambassadors that came to be granted credentials last week: no gram, no cubic metre of Romanian gas will pass through the projected South Stream, targeted through Bulgaria. Every cubic metre of gas destined for export will be made via Transgaz”, Traian Basescu outlined.
“We benefit of free green certificates”
Asked about discussions at the European Council regarding changes in the climate and any objectives the reduce polluting emissions, Traian Basescu outlined that, for countries such as Romania, “systems of compensating expenses in order to prevent an increase in energy costs” were conceived.
“We benefit of free green certificates that are actually forms of state support granted by Romania to those who invest in the modernization of power plants, by example. We have access to other certification systems.
Traian Basescu also mentioned that, while attending the European Council meeting, he found out that Romania’s contribution to the EU budget of this year was reduced by EUR 31 million.

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