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December 6, 2022

Electromagnetica targets new export markets for its LED-lighting systems

Companies being reborn in Romania’s industry

Electromagnetica Company of Bucharest has recently entered new foreign markets and aims at expanding its exports of LED-lighting systems to Morocco, France, Spain, Germany, Columbia, on Thursday told Agerpres the company’s general manager Eugen Scheusan, at the ‘LED 2014 Light’ symposium.
Electromagnetica is the biggest Romanian manufacturer of LED-lighting equipment and exports such products to Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia at an amount of exports in 2014 of some hundreds of thousands of EUR, the general manager told Agerpres.
The company’s first attempts to developing the LED-lighting solutions commenced five years ago, and this activity branch soared rapidly, thus occupying most of the company’s production capacity, the employees’ number, the research and investments’ area.
The annual turnover of Electromagnetica on the LED-lighting systems is worth 6 M EUR and it doubled annually, at first being of rd 300,000 – 400,000 EUR, Scheusan pointed out.
The products range includes rd 300 LED-lighting home appliances, the company practically offering lighting solutions for any kind of application – industrial spaces, assembly areas, commercial spaces, pharmacies.
‘An important activity started in 2014 in the street lighting, and in the future years it will get an increasingly important role. Almost every auction is currently on LED-lighting’, Scheusan said, specifying for AGERPRES that an auction’s average value for the street lighting is 150,000 – 200,000 EUR.
The Electromagnetica representative said the integration degree of the LED-lighting systems’ output is very high, as only some electronic components are imported, which has led to an increase of the number of jobs, and made the production profitable.

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