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February 3, 2023

Iohannis about his relationship with Basescu: “It’s a non-relationship”

Presidential candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) Klaus Iohannis told TVR 1 public broadcaster on Sunday evening that he has no connection with President Traian Basescu, adding that the term to best describe his relationship with the current head of state would be a “non-relationship”.
Asked in a show on public broadcaster TVR 1 what his current relationship with Traian Basescu was, in the context in which in 2009 he was proposed by the parliamentary majority formed by the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Social Democrat Party (PSD), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and the minorities deputies, for the position of Prime Minister, but the head of state refused the nomination, Iohannis stated that he would’ve been the natural solution for the head of the Executive, but Basescu “preferred to not interpret the Constitution in its spirit, but he just stuck to its text, and nominated another person”.
“My relationship with President Basescu is described simplest through the term non-relationship, we have no relationship at all. (…) while in PSD it is said that I am Basescu’s candidate, another party, for example PMP [People’s Movement Party], says that I am Victor Ponta’s candidate. I am the candidate of the new PNL, specifically, I represent the ACL. (…) I have no relation with President Basescu, nor with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, none of them can be found in my project”, said Iohannis at TVR 1.
Asked what he will do in case he wins the presidential elections, but won’t manage to form a majority to name Catalin Predoiu as Prime Minister, the ACL candidate said: “It’s possible that in 2015 the forces ratio in Parliament change, this won’t be induced by me as President, but the fact that I will win will induce these movements in Parliament and it’s very possible that in 2015 we have a configuration that allows for a majority different than the one existing now, which, through censure motion, may change the Government, and then we may come with a Prime Minister that forms a better Government, because the incumbent one is simply inefficient. In 2016 we have parliamentary elections, I am firmly convinced that the new PNL will win the elections and we will be the force to name Government”.
The President should be a model for public conduct”
Iohannis told TVR1 public broadcaster on Sunday evening that the President is the main political yardstick of the nation and he should also be a model for public conduct. ACL leader pointed out that he wants to be a mediating president who, at the same time, is also very firm about slippages. He also said the future president of Romania should not be a politician that is pulled by invisible strings, and when he becomes president he will cease to do politics, as the Constitution in force requires.
‘The President is the main political yardstick of the nation and he should come up with proposals for public debates. The President is elected directly; he is the most visible and probably the best known politician in the entire Romania. The President should also be a model for public conduct. A politician who is free from dubious things, a man who is not pulled by strings, not even at this stage when we can see that not all candidates are free. Some are pulled by the strings of other parties, some are pulled by the strings of their own parties, and it is important for the President not to be a politician pulled by invisible strings.,”Iohannis told TVR1.

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