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February 1, 2023

Iohannis incompatibility case to be judged on November 18

The judges with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) have rejected on Monday the request submitted by the National Integrity Agency (ANI) on the incompatibility case of National Liberal Party chairman Klaus Iohannis.
As a consequence, the case will be ruled on the date set initially, November 18.
Initially, the High Court had set November 18 as the date for ruling this case, but ANI requested an earlier term, reasoning that the term shouldn’t remain for after the second round of voting for the presidential elections.
Iohannis’ case reached the High Court after, on September 25, 2013, the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals has annulled the ANI report that found that he was in a state of incompatibility.
ANI appealed, yet the case was delayed, which determined Agency head Horia Georgescu to address the High Court of Cassation and Justice a request to start emergency procedures for 33 cases opened on ‘RAJA’-type incompatibilities, among them Iohannis’ case.
In April 2013, Klaus Iohannis was declared incompatible by ANI, due to holding, at the same time, the post of Mayor of Sibiu and representative of the city in the General Assembly of the Stockholders of the SC Apa Canal SA (the city’s waterworks company) and SC Piete SA (the city’s markets company).
“Following evaluations done, it was noted that Klaus Iohannis is in a state of incompatibility, as he holds, simultaneously, both the post of Mayor of Sibiu and representative of the city in the General Assembly of the Stockholders of the SC Apa Canal SA Sibiu (since 30.04.2009 and up to the current moment) and SC Piete SA (since 05.08.2010 and up to the current moment), infringing the provisions of art. 87, paragraph 1, letter f, of Law no. 161/2003”, said ANI.
Klaus Iohannis is currently exercising his fourth consecutive mandate as mayor of the City of Sibiu (2000 – 2004, 2004 – 2008, 2008 – 2012 and 2012 – present).
ACL: Justice follows its natural course
ACL announces that it has taken note of the ICCJ decision to reject ANI’s  request in case of incompatibility of Johannis and shows that despite the pressures made by public statements, justice follows its natural course. “Christian-Liberal Alliance noted the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice to reject the request of the National Integrity Agency for the replacement of the term in Johannis file and finds that despite pressures made public both by Prime Minister Victor Ponta and President Traian Basescu statements but also by PSD propaganda, justice follows its natural course, “ACL said in a statement issued Monday and signed by  Alina Gorghiu PNL spokesperson. Gorghiu stresses that ACL and Klaus Johannis have never pressuring the courts, have not commented on the terms given in this case, convinced that justice must not interfere political factor. “We want, as we have repeatedly stated, a quick resolution of this case,” says Alina Gorghiu, adding that “in the absence of sound projects for Romania, Klaus Johannis opponents competing for the Presidency have parasitized the entire campaign with ACL’s candidate false themeof  incompatibility. “”We are convinced that the High Court of Cassation and Justice will agree and keep the solution of Alba Court of Appeal in this case. Since it is falsely communicated in public space that on November 18 they will give the final verdict in the case of Klaus Johannis, it must be mentioned that at this time will be considered only the identification of a term for judging on November 2 and 16 to change the fate of the country and see what  Romania  of the job well done means, “the release reads.
Ponta: “Iohannis will be declared incompatible”
PSD presidential candidate Victor Ponta stated yesterday that the High Court’s decision not to analyze Klaus Iohannis’s incompatibility case before the elections is very good, adding that he will be declared incompatible. “The result is known by everyone. Mr. Iohannis will be declared incompatible, because this is the High Court’s unitary practice. Had he been trialed now, Mr. Iohannis would have played the victim, a disturbance would have appeared in public opinion too. In this way Mr. Iohannis will lose the elections in November, he will be a mayor and as a mayor I believe there will be no kind of pressure on the Supreme Court to issue a ruling going against all rulings it has issued so far,” Victor Ponta said. “I believe the magistrates judged wisely and I believe after November 17 there will be no longer any kind of pressure, Klaus Iohannis will be a mayor like many other mayors,” the Premier added.

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