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February 7, 2023

Ponta: Tariceanu, Maior qualify for Prime Minister

Liberal Reformist Party (PLR)  President, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, and current director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), George Maior, qualify for Prime Minister office, along with other names of persons who will be nominated on November 4, said PSD leader Victor Ponta.
“Probably on November 4th we will have a meeting in the ruling coalition – but here entering also Tariceanu’s  Liberal Reformist Party’, the national minorities group that supports the ruling coalition – and we will discuss variants of the Prime Minister and the Government’s hiring of PLR (…) I’m going to mention one or more names of potential heads of government after November 16th. There will be public those names, we don’t not keep them secret, “said Ponta to Antena 3.He added the PSD will accept a Prime Minister who is not member of this party, saying that this question has already been tackled with some leaders of the party.
plans to sign
government agreement with PLR leader if Tariceanu does not enter the second round
PSD leader Victor Ponta, has announced plans to sign  with the President of Liberal Reformist Party (PLR), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, a government agreement that will set the future Executive to be formed with PLR UDMR, PC, UNPR if Tariceanu will  not enter the second round of the presidential elections.
“If Mr. Tariceanu enters the second round of elections, we will be adversaries as never seen by Romania, two persons who respect each other, that can work together. If not, immediately after the first round, we will make a governance agreement that will say very clearly that the new government, in fact, the new prime minister will be appointed by agreement of all parties, PSD, PC, UNPR UDMR, PLR, and the new government will have in its composition, functions of ministers, state secretaries representatives of these parties,” Ponta told  Antena 3. He argued that as such, the Social Liberal Union (USL) would restore” in a form as close to the original. ”
Objective in the campaign: 37.5 % of the votes
Victor Ponta, the UNPR PSD-PC candidate in presidential elections, said late on Sunday that the objective of his campaign for the first round is getting at least 37.5 pct of votes, that is the score recorded in the European Parliament elections.
In an interview for Antena 3 Ponta also said that in order for him to know what will happen in the runoff, he is very interested in the results of the USL candidates – him and Calin Popescu Tariceanu respectively versus the results of the group candidates formed of Monica Macovei, Elena Udrea and Klaus Johannis.
‘Our objective is to get, in the first round, the score that we recorded also in the European Parliament elections – 37.5 pct. If it is higher, it will be good, if lower, it will not be good. But I am mostly interested in the votes to be taken by the USL candidates. And I believe that myself and Mr Calin Popescu Tariceanu represent the USL candidates, as I consider that Mrs Macovei, Mr Johannis and Mrs Udrea represent Basescu’s candidates. So basically, you have to see how much the USL candidates will take in the first round, compared to the three candidates of Basescu’s, and then probably we will know what will happen in the runoff,’ said Victor Ponta.

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