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February 3, 2023

Software and IT services market in Romania, to reach EUR 900 M in 2015

The software and IT services market in Romania will reach EUR 900 M in 2015, with public sector’s share to account for 25 per cent compared with the private area, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) Managing Director for Eastern Europe Eugen Schwab-Chesaru told a specialist conference on Monday.
“The software and IT services market in Romania has changed significantly over the past year. The market in Romania, in a logical and not over-optimistic manner, should have exceeded two billion euros in 2015. Unfortunately, the local market it’s not even at half this value at present. The public sector is like a bump in the road right now and it somehow ruins the situation for us. This year, the software and IT services market in Romania will not exceed the figures of last year, compared to a 7-8 per cent growth forecast (…) Next year the market of Romania should reach near EUR 900 M, and I am strictly referring here to what is bought on the local market. The private – public ratio will stand at 75 per cent – 25 per cent”, according Schwab-Chesaru.
He added that not very many things would happen in the public area of the IT services in 2015, although some discussions would be initiated.
“There won’t be much happening in the public area in 2015. Certain discussions will be initiated, but it is difficult to say now what will be completed. In the private sector, we see the area of local companies that begin to have a significant appetite for outsourcing, which may mean the cloud computing area. Within the multinational companies, there is an outsourcing trend, but not on the same level as last year. Strictly for Romania, I see many chances for signing some important contracts of application management or application outsourcing. I am talking about contracts worth 3-4, maybe even 5 million euros per year, for one contract. Another phenomenon that will have an impact on the local market will be that of taking the IT department of the corporation in question out of the local responsibility. A phenomenon recording a significant growth is that of cloud computing, public cloud in particular”, the PAC representative said.

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