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January 27, 2023

“Turkey is one of Romania’s most important partners both regional and worldwide”

H.E. Titus Corlatean Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs:

On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Turkey, I would like to convey to our strategic partner, friend and ally, and to the Turkish People, the most heartfelt congratulations and warm salute.
Turkey is one of Romania’s most important partners both regional and worldwide. The broad cooperation between our countries is mirrored in our substantial and intense political dialogue. At the same time, following the Action Plan of our Strategic Partnership, signed in 2013, our relations have become more focused through the development of various projects in areas of bilateral interest, such as transport, energy, construction, food industry, agriculture, environment, tourism and IT, while additionally enhancing the potential for stability, security and prosperity in our region.
Turkey is Romania’s fifth economic partner and the first economic partner outside the EU and within the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. In 2013 bilateral exchanges have reached 5,8 billion dollars, with a significant growth comparing to 2012. The presence of a dynamic Turkish business community in Romania constitutes a very important asset in further developing Turkish-Romanian economic relations. The Romanian business is also encouraged to benefit from the trade and investment opportunities in Turkey. The commonly agreed objective is to reach in the near future the target of 10 billion dollars in economic exchanges.
Recognizing Turkey’s economic potential and geostrategic advantages, Romania strongly supports further progress in Turkey’s EU accession process, based on the EU acquis, and is willing to technically assist Turkey in taking the necessary steps for advancing on its European path.

The cooperation in the Black Sea region and in the South-Eastern European formats has always been very close and was recently reconfirmed during the situation regional challenging situation generated by the events in Ukraine. As both our countries are prominent NATO members, our cooperation in the field of defence has strongly advanced. Furthermore, both our countries express their commitment in dealing with crises in neighbouring areas, especially in the context of the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria. In this regard, we particularly appreciate the consistent humanitarian effort Turkey is engaged in.
From a bilateral perspective, I would like to highlight the importance of the cultural and historical links between our countries that give solidity to our friendly relations.
Important personalities in our history represent common values for both Romania and Turkey, as they promoted a shared cultural space. I would mention the important figure of Romanian scholar, scientist and politician Dimitrie Cantemir, in the frame of the European culture of the 18th century.
Presently, the Turkish community living in Romania and the Romanian community in Turkey are active factors that generate the perspectives of a promising future for our cooperation in all fields.
On behalf of the Romanian people and of the Romanian Government, I would like to convey to the Turkish people the best wishes of prosperity and success and I would like to underline that Romania looks forward to a continued and diversified cooperation with the Republic of Turkey.


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