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February 3, 2023

“We are committed to Romania, which is the heart of our business”

Interview with Mr. Mustafa Tunca Dingiloglu, URB CEO.

Mr. Mustafa Tunca Dingiloglu, you are the new CEO of S.C.”Rulmenti” S.A. Barlad (URB). What is your main strategy and vision at the helm of this renowned company ?
I am honored to manage such an important company for the Romanian economy as URB. You might already know that, ever since Kombassan Group bought Rulmenti Barlad factory, in 2000, we continued investing in new technology and new products, as well as in research, this being a condition to preserve high quality and to be competitive on a very demanding market. Not only we saved Rulmenti Barlad from brankruptcy, but we maintained the Romanian brand, URB, and we built on its value.
Myself, along with my team, are putting all our energy in strenghtening URB group’ position on the global market. We are committed to Romania, which is the heart of our business, which, as you know, also comprises two bearing factories, in Hungary and Turkey. We have seen good times but also harsh ones and we have been strong enough to face difficulties. We have right now good signs regarding the future, as we see the dawns of recovery of the bearing industry worldwide.
With over 60 years of history and tradition in the bearings industry, URB is today one of the most famous brands in the field, very well known not only in Romania or Europe, but all over the world. What  is the key of success of this brand?
First of all it is about experience and professionalism and I don’t overreact saying that we have highly skilled workers, competitive on the international market. It is also about dedication and about loving your job. Then it is about new, modern technology, which we have implemented by investing over 125 million US$ since we bought the factory. Last but not least, it is about the joint effort to maintain a business whose fate is connected to the lives of thousands of people in the region.
How has URB managed to face the difficulties generated by the economic crisis from the past years and to continue to be the main employer in the North Eastern Romania?
The extended economic crisis has taken its toll also on URB but we have struggled to keep losses under control. Therefore, the group continued expansion on new markets, which stimulated the business and allowed us to maintain the volume of exports. We have managed, with great effort, to stay on the break-even point, but as it happened in the industry all over the world, we eventually had to fire some of our employees. It makes me sad, but looking back at URB’s impressive history, I have reasons to  be confident that the market will eventually recover and, as we did before, we will be able to re-employ people again.
What are S.C. “Rulmenti” S.A. main concerns and problems regarding its operations in Romania?
You have touched a sensitive point. Our biggest enemy continues to be the industrial counterfeiting, which is causing huge damages to our business and our major concern is to find, along with the Romanian authorities, a solution to tackle it. Fake bearings marked ilegally URB are flooding Romania and we are surprised that nothing is being done against it. We have repeatedly asked for support and we received positive messages from the government over the past three years. Still, no action was taken. For years, we have been fighting in court against a company who is using our brand URB, to sell its  fake bearings. It is an economic crime not only against URB but also against the Romanian economy, as well as an attack against the safety of the population which could have catastrophic results.
How does your company combine its development strategy with the social responsibility values?
Community is one of our main concerns and I am proud to say that we, here at URB, are the biggest family in Romania. I consider that, nowadays, a business can no longer be sustainable unless it gets involved in the community of its employees. I believe in the destiny of a company which mingles smoothly with the destiny of the community and this is a guiding principle for us, at URB. We like to share quality experience together with URB family and beyond. Our constant attention to people is being proved by our recent actions like: supporting the URB athletes, who have attended, in September, the Balkan Champsionship for Veteran Athletes; organizing the Bycicle Day, an event attended by many citizens from Barlad and from the region. Since we believe research is essential to technological progress, we have continued our academic partnership with the Technical University „Gh Asachi” of Iasi. URB recently launched a two-years scholarship program for five students at the Master Degree which we are sure will be benefitting both to the young specialists and to the factory. We are investing in youth in order to prepare it for the change of generations. Social responsibility is at the core of our values and we are constantly working on new projects for the years to come.

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