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February 1, 2023

Digital Agenda – Romania’s strategy for 2014-2020

The Digital Agenda for Romania 2020, a document debated publicly until 31 July, 2014, shows that total investments in the Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) sector will reach approximately EUR 2.4 bln in Romania by 2020, having a positive impact of 13 per cent on the GDP. The Digital Agenda’s key performance goals call for cumulated efforts from European countries in order to fulfill the European Commission’s goals. The domains had in mind are: e-governance, interoperability, cyber security, cloud computing, open data, big data and social media; IT&C in Education, Health, Culture and e-inclusion; e-commerce, research, development and innovation in IT&C; broadband and digital infrastructure services. In fact, the last domain ensures social inclusion and allows for benefits in all the other domains of action. The direct and indirect impact on the economy, calculated in line with the good practices seen in other European countries that have made similar investments, can be translated as a GDP growth of 13 per cent, an 11 per cent growth in the number of jobs and the lowering of administrative costs by 12 per cent in 2014-2020.
The Association of Romanian Municipalities (AMR), the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software (ARIES) and the Association of Software Industry and Services Employers (ANIS), have organized on Tuesday a business conference titled “Digital Agenda 2014-2020 – European Policies Concerning the IT&C Sector”.
The Digital Agenda Strategy 2014-2020, a strategic document drafted by the Ministry for Informational Society (MSI), was presented at the event. The document entails the improvement of the private sector’s productivity by lowering administrative barriers in its relationship with the state, but also the development of the IT&C domain in Romania.
Two international IT&C concerns to create 4,500 new jobs in Romania
At the conference, Informational Society Minister Razvan Cotovelea announced that two international IT&C concerns will come to Romania, a fact that will lead to the creation of 4,500 jobs.
“The first international concern is not from Europe. This is one of the top five concerns on the global IT market. Their desire is to come in Romania, to establish their center of operations and to offer a range of services from here. We are talking about a research center, a center for software products which will integrate various hardware and software solutions. What’s important is the fact that they were extremely delighted with the Government’s fiscal policy, but also with the quality of the labor force they are finding here,” the Communications Minister explained.

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