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January 27, 2023

Iohannis: “It is unacceptable that Ponta makes statements on my incompatibility case”

The Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) candidate for Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, told a televised show on Monday evening that it was ‘unacceptable’ for Prime Minister Victor Ponta to make statements on his incompatibility case before the court had a chance to rule on the case.
‘I found out today from the TV that the Prime Minister said in Parliament that I would be declared incompatible. I don’t know where the Prime Minister has this certainty from. Maybe we find out the next days he also has a doctor’s degree in incompatibility cases, but Romania’s Prime Minister cannot make such statements, under any circumstance. If Mr Victor Ponta were a mere candidate, we could have interpreted it as part of the election campaign, but it is unacceptable for Romania’s Prime Minister to firmly state in front of the television cameras something the court is yet to decide,’ Iohannis said on Realitatea TV private television channel.
He voiced his conviction he would win the trial with the National Agency for Integrity (ANI). ‘I know my case, I know my situation. I am not incompatible, as ANI maintains,’ Iohannis pointed out. The ACL candidate says that ‘it would have been better if this case had been solved before the election campaign started,’ because it was being used against him ‘by the Prime Minister, by the President and by other candidates lacking their own ideas.’
“Merkel will not come to Romania for the electoral campaign, but after my election”
Iohannis  said on Tuesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not come to Romania for the electoral campaign, as having been circulated, but she will visit Bucharest after he becomes president. Merkel ‘will certainly come when I am president of Romania and I will use all the relations I have with politicians from across the world in order to be able to create a much better profile, much more visible and much more positive profile for Romania. I do not think it is the case in the electoral campaign and I have not insisted on such a thing’, Iohannis told PRO TV News.
He added, however, that the European People’s Party politicians are by his side and wish that he won the elections and announced that EPP leader Joseph Daul will visit Romania for the presidential runoff due on Nov. 16.
As for the support from the United States Embassy, Iohannis explained he had discussed with ‘all officials’ from the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, whom he presented his projects and they ‘have realized’ he meets ‘the profile of a president they would like to collaborate with’.
‘I am convinced that the president of Romania is elected by the Romanians, but I am equally convinced that, from the meetings I had with United States officials, they have realized I meet the profile of a president they would like to collaborate with…. I discussed about the political situation too and obviously, in the same way that your are interested to see what I want, what projects I have, what are my plans, our partners are also interested in exactly the same manner and quite naturally’, Iohannis underscore.

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