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January 26, 2023

EC waste deposit targets very difficult to attain

Romania considers the targets proposed by the European Commission by the legal package on waste management are too ambitious and stresses there is the risk that they might not be attained, State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes, Mihai Faca told the European Union’s Environment Council held in Luxembourg, according to a ministry release on Wednesday.
Among the targets set in the legal package there is a 70 percent increase in the rate of recycling and use of the municipal waste by 2030.
‘As regards the ambitious targets proposed in this package, while we consider them important, they must be realistic, relying on technical, economic and environment considerations. It is understandable that the targets were proposed starting from the example of the very performing states, but one must not overlook the very different performance level of the member states and the national circumstances’, Faca said in an address.
The measures proposed in the legal package on waste management chiefly target the increase in the rate of recycling and use of the waste (municipal by 70 percent by 2030, packaging by 80 percent by 2030) and the gradual increase in the specific material targets for 2020-30 (90 percent for paper by 2025 and 60 percent for plastic, 80 percent for wood, 90 percent for ferrous metals, aluminium and glass by 2030).
Furthermore, the Commission aims at the gradual cut in the waste deposit by 2025 (including for plastic, paper, metals, glass and bio-waste), that should correspond to a maximum deposit rate of 25 percent as well as at preventing the generation of food waste with a view to curbing food squandering by at least 30 percent by 2025.
Other important items set in the legal package include the introduction of an early warning system for anticipating and avoiding possible implementation difficulties, the development of an adequate system for recording hazardous waste in all member states and curbing the use of light plastic bags and banning the deposit of plastic waste by 2025

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