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January 27, 2023

Iohannis announces three commitments: Independent Justice, smaller Parliament and safe exploitations

Klaus Iohannis, running for president as the candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance, announced three commitments in a press conference on Tuesday. He promised voters free justice and rule of law; a smaller, more efficient Parliament; and the rejection of resource exploitation projects that jeopardize the local communities or the environment.
‘As a president, I commit to guaranteeing a free justice and the rule of law; this means I would not accept in any way politicians subordinating the Judiciary in any way. I also can clearly maintain that during my term I will not pardon any politician convicted for corruption acts,’ he said.
He went on with the second commitment, for a smaller and more efficient Parliament. From his point of view, the Legislative should be still bicameral, with a mixed ballot, since the nominal ballot resulted in ‘aberrations’ and in a very large Parliament that lost its credibility.
Finally, Iohannis mentioned resource exploitation projects that threaten the environment or the local communities.
‘I will not accept projects that are not thoroughly checked and that jeopardize the community in that area or the environment. To be more specific, I will not accept the promotion of projects like Rosia Montana,’ he stressed.
Asked whether this commitment means telling American investors they stand no chance of exploiting shale gas, Iohannis denied it and explained it was a message to everybody about the top criteria that matter for exploitation being human safety and avoiding damages to the environment.
‘If the technology guarantees that, it’s an excellent thing, and the next step is possible. Otherwise, it’s not,’ he added
“It’s a pity Antonescu is not getting involved in the electoral campaign”
Iohannis said  ‘it’s a pity’ former party chairman Crin Antonescu is not getting involved in the electoral campaign, adding such involvement ‘would be a gain’, since Antonescu ‘knows many things, about (Prime Minister) Victor Ponta particularly’.
When asked in an interview with PRO TV News whether Antonescu will vote for him in the presidential ballot, Iohannis answered: ‘I am convinced he votes for me. However, at this moment I am not convinced he is ready to get involved in the campaign and it’s a pity, since he is a very good politician, knows many things, about my contender Victor Ponta particularly and it would be a gain’.
Iohannis admitted that his relation with Antonescu ‘no longer is a close relation’.
‘Following the poor result at the Euro-parliamentary elections, Mr. Antonescu declared he was fully withdrawing from the party presidency, from being an interim president too and he was also withdrawing from his position as candidate for president of Romania. Then I decided I will candidate for the party presidency and my party fellows gave me an enormously majority vote – I got more than 90 percent at the (party) Congress’, he said.
The incumbent Liberal chief went on to explain that he ran for the Liberal presidential candidate ‘as having been declared so from the very beginning, opposite Mr. Antonescu, who was declared a candidate at the Congress. The (Liberal) Standing Delegation settled things very transparently, I was declared the candidate. It seems all these changes made the former president withdraw and somehow change his attitude towards me. I cannot otherwise explain myself those things he said in televised shows included’, Iohannis said.
ACL’s leader target would be more than 30 percent of the votes
Iohannis also said on Tuesday the target he sets for the first round of voting would be more than 30 percent of the votes.
‘We have many opinion polls and I am glad to see an upward trend for me and downward trend for (Prime Minister) Victor Ponta. It would be well to be me the one who gets significantly over 30 percent and Victor Ponta significantly below 40 percent’, Iohannis told PRO TV News, explaining that as far as he is concerned, ‘significantly’ would mean 32 percent.
The Liberal leader added the surveys show voter turnout at around 55 percent, which he does not consider ‘very large’ and he stressed it would be to his advantage if as many Romanians as possible turned out to the ballot.
‘The more people go to the ballot, the better for me’, he said, adding the citizens do not want to go to the polls because of the row between the prime minister and incumbent President Traian Basescu who ‘have been making public remarks on issues having nothing to do with the electoral campaign’.
‘People are fed up with this circus: the eternal bickering on the television… They expect politics as the one I propose: without so much squabbling, with more solutions’, Iohannis said.

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