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January 27, 2023

IPP: All fourteen candidates not willing to meet in electoral debate

All 14 candidates to president of Romania do not wish to meet in an electoral debate ahead of the first round of the polls to take place this Sunday, say the representatives of the Institute of Public Policies (IPP), the move initiator, following the talks held with the candidates’ electoral campaign staff.
According to an IPP release to AGERPRES on Tuesday, Social Democrat candidate Victor Ponta, also the Prime Minister of Romania asked in his answer to the IPP that all 14 presidential contenders be invited to take part in the ‘face-to-face’ electoral debate, but candidates Kelemen Hunor, Dan Diaconescu and Corneliu Vadim Tudor have failed to give an answer to the IPP proposal.
Answering the Institute invitation, Ponta said ‘his only condition for the participation is that the organizers (IPP) should invite all the candidates to the debate, which the IPP did last evening (Monday – editor’s note), making sure that every campaign staff were informed or invited. Such arguments do not seem sufficient, since the Social Democrat candidate, at the IPP insistence, explained that he, in fact, will attend such a debate only on condition that all the other candidates effectively take part, a thing that the Institute cannot control or decide’, the release explains. The IPP added it was informed by independent candidate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu that he would not be able to attend the electoral debate, since his schedule does not allow him.
The IPP remains ready to organize such a debate, being convinced the voters deserve such a debate ‘at least before the second round of voting with the candidates having remained in the competition’.
Melescanu regrets IPP debate canceled
In connection with the cancellation of organizing a debate between presidential candidates under the auspices of the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), independent candidate Theodor Melescanu said yesterday in a press statement: “I appreciate the IPP’s initiative and note that the only real and transparent initiative in this regard comes from the civil society, from one of the most prestigious NGOs in Romania. Unfortunately, from the last press release of this institution results that this meeting will not take place any more, which confirms that we participated in an election campaign in which the candidates were placed permanently and consistently unable to present their programs and to subject them to public debate before the vote reach the polls. The themes that have parasitized election campaign hijacked public attention. The Romanians are to elect the new president considering only the elements and the irrelevant emotional factors, putting in the background the candidate’s vision on the issues specific for the highest offices in the state. I regret that this excellent idea of ??the Institute for Public Policy couldn’t be implemented and I encourage all responsible organizations to follow IPP example”.

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