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January 27, 2023

Ponta says illegal commissions in Microsoft affair went to finance Basescu’s 2009 electoral campaign

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said he hoped the accused held in the Microsoft case – Dorin Cocos, Gabriel Sandu, Nicolae Dumitru, and Gheorghe Stefan – will have the courage to tell the “truth”, that the money the prosecutors claim they received as illegal commissions were used in fact to finance the 2009 electoral campaign of Traian Basescu.
“I tell you this in full responsibility. I hope that these people will have the courage to tell the truth, that the money in 2009 have ended up in the electoral campaign of Mr. Basescu. We all know this. I know that most of that money, I don’t know if anybody held anything for himself, for I don’t know these things, it’s the duty of the judiciary, but that money was given for Mr. Basescu’s campaign through Mrs. Udrea. If the four want to stay and be martyrs and stay in prison, I regret, for I know them very well and I’m sorry for the situation they’re in. I hope they will tell the truth, so that whoever benefited from that money will, finally, pay”, said Ponta at private broadcaster Romania TV, when asked how he commented on Traian Basescu’s statement that the latter did not know of Dorin Cocos’ involvement in the Microsoft case.
Ponta said that regarding the Microsoft case, the Prime Minister’s Control Corps did a very good job, before sending the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.
“I will tell you one more thing. I don’t like Mr. Funeriu and Mr. Vreme at all, but they were pawns. They were made to sign so that the money ends up in the electoral campaign. They were convinced that Basescu will be forever and will defend them and look now that he does not defend them”, said Ponta.
The Prime Minister added that the truth shall set the “pawns” free, but the “king and queen must be sent where they belong, in prison”.

Cocos ex-wife’s name mentioned in the EADS-Microsoft corruption scandal in the German press

The German press recently issued shocking information: Romania’s presidential candidate Elena Udrea was allegedly involved in the EADS – Microsoft scandal! German journalists claimed that the leads of the deal may even go up to Angela Merkel’s Chancellery, the publication Jurnalul.ro announced. The paper revealed that, in the German edition of the Huffington Post Magazine, a massive article was published on October 25 regarding the EADS deal.
“The greatest corruption-related scandal in the history of the European Union occurred under the influence of EADS”, German journalists wrote, mentioning that important names in Berlin also appear in the prosecutors’ files.
Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, as the deal was initiated under his term, Klaus Mangold, Ion Tiriac and Ioan Rus, who represented Daimler Transylvania at that time, were among those allegedly connected to this case.
The German publications Huffington Post and Der Freitag also mention that Elena Udrea’s name is included in the EADS file, “the greatest corruption scandal in the history of the European Union”.
“Besides the companies EADS Deutschland GmbH, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Microsoft, this transaction is also connected to the names of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, Bodo Hombach, former coordinator of the Stability Pact in Eastern Europe, of businessmen Ion Tiriac and Klaus Mangold, as well as that of the candidate to Romania’s presidency Elena Udrea.”
Under the protection of EADS, the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, the candidate to Romania’s Presidency Elena Udrea, several European officials, as well as businessmen Ion Tiriac and Klaus Mangold received a bribe totalizing over EUR 60 million.
“The National Anticorruption Department (DNA) of Romania is presently investigating highly positioned members of the Government and of Intelligence Services in Romania. They allegedly cashed a bribe of over EUR 60 million in order to facilitate a contract of over EUR 743 million in Romania for EADS, in 2005. Part of the money comes from EU funds. Besides the companies EADS Deutschland GmbH, Fujitsu Siemens Computer and Microsoft, this deal also includes the names of Gerhard Schroder, former German Chancellor, Bodo Hombach, former coordinator of the Stability Pact in Eastern Europe, of businessmen Ion Tiriac and Klaus Mangold, as well as that of the candidate to Romania’s presidency Elena Udrea”, the quoted sources wrote, as mentioned in the article signed by Romanian – German journalist Vlad Georgescu.
From this sum, over EUR 9 million was earned by Dorin Cocos, who tried to hide the real provenience of the money by several loans, Der Freitag mentioned.
“One of the most prominent characters in this game is the present candidate to Romania’s Presidency Elena Udrea. She had declared at the Revenue Office the bribe of EUR9 million received by her former husband as a loan”.
In return for this sum, Dorin Cocos, as well as other high officials and businessmen facilitated a contract worth over EUR 743 in Romania, for the EADS Company, the journalists mentioned.
Sources in Bucharest, quoted by the German journalists, declared that the DNA will demand the invalidation of immunity for several former ministers and high officials, including the former General Manager of Daimler – Chrysler Transylvania Ioan Rus, who was also a former Internal Affairs Minister and allegedly the brain that developed the MAI – EADS deal.

DNA: Elena Udrea is not charged or indicted
Following the appearance in the media of information that gave the Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) national leader Elena Udrea searched by anticorruption prosecutors, “Evenimentul Zilei” requested  officially to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA)  to clarify whether Elena Udrea has any quality in the Microsoft, Gala Bute  and  Gheorghe Stefan – Strong Montaj files. “At your request dated October 28, 2014, the Office of Information and Public Relations is authorized to communicate the following: At the time of your request the said person is not charged or indicted in the three cases to which you refer,” DNA replied to EVZ.



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