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February 3, 2023

Shocking statement from STS head: ‘If I had a perverse power, I would destroy the entire electronic environment for all our elected officials’

The head of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Marcel Opris, said during an IT security seminar yesterday that, if he had ‘a perverse power’ or if he cold be granted an immunity mandate, he would destroy the entire electronic environment of all the ‘elected officials’ who have not yet become aware of the importance of cyber security. ‘I am so looking forward to a trial some day, not criminality, because we are all tackling criminality. Of course, it’s the easiest for us to act against those who behave differently than social rules dictate, rules that are actually not that clear anyway. We do not have a set of rules of conduct in this internet world. We have not. People speak about it separately, at the corner… Why? First of all, because those who represent us have not become aware of it themselves…’, Mediafax quotes Opris as having said.
The STS head attended a cyber security seminar organized by the UTI group together with, among other people, the president’s adviser on security matters, Iulian Fota and the PM’s state counselor, Sorin Encutescu, on Wednesday. ‘If I had a kind of perverse power or if I could obtain an immunity mandate, the first think I would do would be to destroy the entire electronic environment of all of our elected officials. Very simple. You disturb him every day. And you demonstrate to him how useful it is to be safe’, Opris added. He reminded of a Sweden survey asking people whose job was to provide them a safe internet, where 90 per cent answered that it was the job of the state. ‘The state cannot be released from the responsibility’, Opris added.

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