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February 3, 2023

Udrea’s name appears in DNA transcripts from Microsoft file

Elena Udrea’s ex-husband, businessman Dorin Cocos was intercepted while talking with former tennis player Dinu Pescariu about masking the bribes received in the Microsoft file by the signing of a loan fictive contract and backdated receipts.
In a conversation, recorded on September 25, 2014  Dorin Cocos recalled a conversation with Elena Udrea. Dorin Cocos:” Leave it it’s better. Leave it alone. I talked to … Elena and she said: Very good!” Dinu Pescariu:” Yes?” Dorin Cocos: “Yes!” Dinu Pescariu: “Bravo!” Dorin Cocos: “When … I said … That I sat and I thought … Man, there’s nothing that says you must give them only after 10 years. Well, I’ll  start to give them tomorrow. What? Let’s be straight. And that’s it! And you, leave them there!” Dinu  Pescariu: “I was afraid to take them  home!” Dorin Cocos: Very good! Are you crazy? Better give them here! “
PMP leader denies she’s tied with Microsoft affair
Candidate in the presidential elections for the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea said Tuesday evening that there is no possibility whatsoever for her to be linked to the Microsoft affair, emphasizing that she did not know of the affairs of her former husband Dorin Cocos.
“To those who attack me, but especially to my supporters, I tell them that there is no possibility that I, Elena Udrea, be tied to this affair [e.n. – Microsoft], if the prosecutors will demonstrate it to be as it presents itself now. People, even if they are married, at least in my case (…), especially when they have separate careers, end up at one point to have inside the marriage separate lives. This is also the reason for which, ultimately, we reached divorce”, said Elena Udrea on Tuesday evening at private broadcaster Digi24.
She stated that she did not know of the affairs of her former husband Dorin Cocos. “My former husband was a businessman from the beginning, he did not become a businessman after he met me. My husband was always in relations with political persons, he did not meet political persons when I entered politics or when he married me. It remained as such even after the divorce. The fact that this case obviously creates for me as a candidate a lot of issues is a fact, however, bottom line, I had nothing to do with this, I did not know the affairs of my husband. I can’t say I wasn’t interested, only that I had so many things to do in the past ten years in my career that I did not have the time necessary to talk [about everything]”, said Udrea.
She reaffirmed that the judiciary must investigate and find out the whole truth, regardless of who is involved in this case.
“I said it since the case appeared: the judiciary should investigate and find out the whole truth, regardless of who is involved in this case, regardless of what name [he has], regardless of who he was married to, regardless of what relations [existed]. On a human level it’s obvious that it’s a difficult moment for me because I was married, with good and bad, for ten years to Dorin Cocos, sure, now he’s married to someone else, has another family, but on a human level it’s obvious that it’s not an easy moment for me”, said Udrea.
Businessman Dorin Cocos was detained on Monday evening, by National Anti-corruption Directorate prosecutors, being charged with acts of corruption in the Microsoft case.

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