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November 28, 2021

Ponta to his supporters: “Show up to vote to continue the good things we started”

Presidential endorsee of the PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance (Social Democratic Party, the National Union for Romania’s Progress, the Conservative Party), Victor Ponta, on Wednesday evening told his fans that came to a meeting in support of his candidacy, held in front of The Children’s Palace, to show up at the ballot box on November 2 and 16 ‘to continue the good things we started,” informs Agerpres.
‘You gave me confidence that I can be elected president of Romania, so that we can do from now on what we weren’t able to do over the past two and a half years. Nothing can be built in such a short term (…) All the bad things that happened to us in eight years made me think that we can be a strong country again, which knows how to respect its elders and give youth a chance too. (…) What I’m trying to say now is that what happened in 2004-2009 must not be repeated in 2014. We had two types of presidential candidates running back then, some of whom were saying what we wanted to do for Romania – and I’m referring to Mr Nastase and Mr Geoana – while others like Traian Basescu, and today Monica Macovei, Klaus Iohannis, talk about nothing else but the supposed reasons why you shouldn’t vote for us, instead of revealing their own plans,’ stated Ponta.
Ponta showed that he would only feel offended if Traian Basescu stopped criticise him.
‘I will only feel offended if he says something good about me. But as long as he continues to say bad things about me, it means that I’m doing everything right,’ said Victor Ponta.
In the end of his speech, Victor Ponta said that his main wish is to see Romania ‘truly united.’
During the meeting, Victor Ponta was awarded the distinction ‘Knight of citizenship, for his support showed to the 4th district community,’ on behalf of Varvara Zugravu, a 105-year old who lives in this district of the Romanian capital.
“Udrea should not withdraw from the race”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta, maintains that, in his opinion, Elena Udrea or any other opponent should not withdraw from the race for the Cotroceni Palace before the first election round.
‘I don’t know what Mrs Udrea says and I believe no one should withdraw until Sunday. From Sunday on, the 12 candidates who don’t enter the second round will withdraw,’ Ponta said on Wednesday evening at the Palace Hall.
When asked if he dropped in polls, Victor Ponta reiterated that the targeted score was similar to the one PSD obtained in the elections to the European Parliament, namely 37.5 per cent.
‘I have seen that Mrs Merkel is going to come to Mr Iohannis’ campaign. I understand that he would get 35 per cent, very well [Klaus Iohannis], we shall see on Sunday evening. Our target is not 35 per cent, but our score in the elections to the European Parliament – 37.5 per cent. If it is more, we’ll be glad, if it is less, of course… May I remind you that Mr Iohannis took over the National Liberal Party because Mr Antonescu assumed 20 per cent in the elections to the European Parliament and failed and, as he is a man of honour, he resigned. I believe that Mr Iohannis, too, if he doesn’t get 35 per cent I don’t know what he will do – will he resign, I don’t have it clear. On Sunday evening we shall have the best poll, namely the voting,’ the PSD Chairman showed.

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