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December 6, 2021

Romania could start exporting natural gas to Bulgaria

One of the two lines of the gas pipeline that will link Romania’s and Bulgaria’s gas distribution networks will become operational at the end of this year. Thus Romania could become, for the first time, a natural gas exporter.
The Giurgiu-Ruse pipeline is scheduled for completion on 31 December 2014, according to Transgaz representatives. The line will be finalized by the same company that has been working on this interconnector since 2012. “In the case of the main line, F1, works are ongoing, being handled by the same constructor. Completion deadline 31.12.2014,” Transgaz representatives stated. Transgaz Director Petru Vaduva offered more details. The official pointed out that Transgaz has cancelled the contract with Cala S.A. only on the F2 line, the pipeline’s back-up line, because the company stated it cannot complete the project.
The Giurgiu-Ruse gas pipeline should have been completed in October 2013 but met numerous problems caused by the constructor’s delays.
Starting on January 1, Romania could theoretically, for the first time in history, export gas within the limit of 10,000 cubic meters per hour. Our country has two more interlink pipelines, with Hungary and Moldova, however they are not operational. In order to export gas to Hungary, Transgaz needs compressor stations in order to equalize pressure between Romanian and Hungarian pipelines, but also a main pipeline that would transport the gas to the neighboring country. In this sense, the company wants to access non-reimbursable European funds. Bearing in mind the accessing of funds, the tender for the construction works on the stations and the pipeline, plus the actual construction works, Transgaz representatives estimate that no gas exports can go West earlier than 2019.
Gas can be export to Moldova, however the Moldovan side has not completed the transport infrastructure up to Chisinau. Thus, the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline can be used only to supply several tens of thousands of Moldovan citizens who live close to the border.
Romania consumes 11.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year, 10.5 billion cubic meters coming from internal production. Our country will benefit from even more natural gas starting in 2019, when Petrom estimates that the exploitation of Black Sea continental shelf reserves will start.

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