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January 27, 2023

Udrea says she will not pull out of the race

Presidential candidate of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Elena Udrea on Wednesday defended herself regarding the allegations written in the German press on her involvement in EADS-Microsoft corruption scandal and said she will not pull out of the presidential race, despite latest calls on her to withdraw in favour of another Right candidate.
‘Over the past 48 hours, I have been demanded – personally, at the party, by local organisations, from sources, directly, indirectly, officially and unofficially to give up on my presidential bid in favour of another candidate. This is additional proof that the battle now is to move Elena Udrea’s electorate to one of the two best ranked candidates – Victor Ponta or Klaus Iohannis. (…) To those expecting me to withdraw I tell that I will not withdraw. Those who trusted and still trust Elena Udrea should show up and vote on Sunday,’ the PMP national leader told a press conference.
She mentioned that the demand for her withdrawal has not come officially from any representative of a public institution, underscoring that she will stay in the race.
‘I am not afraid of anything and for 10 years I have proved that I do no kneel down to anyone. So those waiting for me to kneel down are vainly waiting. I go on with the race. (…) Traian Basescu ending his term in office leaves behind a power vacuum. There is no other candidate as strong as Traian Basescu. There are weak candidates, candidates that can be blackmailed, puppet candidates, candidates hiding personal secretes that make them vulnerable to those how know about such secrets, or weak candidates like Mr Iohannis, who became a puppet candidate when he entered the presidential race without first settling the issues of office incompatibility. I am a free candidate. (…) I have never been a covert operative, there are no buttons on me on which to push and if elected I will be a free president who respects the institutions,’ said Udrea.
PMP leader feels sorry for her ex-husband, reasserts she has nothing to do with Microsoft affair
Udrea reaffirmed on Wednesday  that she had absolutely nothing to do with the Microsoft affair and that the attempt to link her name to the alleged involvement of his ex-husband in this file ‘is a forced attempt made only as an attack me, while they found no other reason.’
‘The events of the past few days force me to explain the situation to my electors, to all those who are interested in the reason behind this unprecedented attack against a candidate in the presidential elections over the past 25 years in Romania. (…) The fact that I was accused, while there are no arguments for this and no evidence, shows that this is only a campaign strategy targeted at Elena Udrea’s electors. I have nothing to do with the Microsoft affair whatsoever,’ Elena Udrea told a press conference.
She specified that she felt sorry for her ex-husband Dorin Cocos, currently held in preventive detention, but she stressed that the Justice must continue to function ‘regardless of whose name is at stake.’
‘I am very sorry for my ex-husband, whom I was married to for ten years, for being held in preventive arrest in this case. I have been repeating this for the past ten years that Justice must keep functioning, independent of the political battle, Justice must be strong and it must do its duty till the end, regardless of whose name might be involved in one case of another, regardless of the financial power of the persons involved and regardless of the political party there are affiliated with. I repeat the same thing now, when I see that in this file is not only my ex-husband who is involved, but also some of my colleagues in the party. I say this firmly, I have absolutely nothing to do with the Microsoft affair. My husband was a businessman before he met me and he stayed a businessman and he continues to be one. He is a man who takes responsibility for his acts. Thus, any attempt to have me dragged in this file, through my former husband, is a forced attempt made only as a reason for attacking candidate Elena Udrea,’ she added.

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