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February 3, 2023

“If any Romanian is unable to vote you will all leave office”, says PM to MAE

PSD President, Premier and presidential candidate Victor Ponta organized yesterday a videoconference with the leaders of PSD’s territorial branches, discussing with them the strategy for the final round of elections and about what happened in the first round that took place on Sunday.
„In the second round, the candidates compete on an equal footing”
He pointed out that “victory is not a certainty,” as the candidates are “on equal footing” in the second round. “It’s a much better first round result than we expected, but in the second round the candidates compete on an equal footing, and we must convince those who gave us their vote in the first round to go to the polls once again, because victory is not a certainty. We must convince those who have voted for another candidate out of the twelve not advancing to the runoff to support us because we can represent also the voters of Mr. Calin Popescu Tariceanu, of Mr. Melescanu, the voters of Mr. Diaconescu, of Mr. Vadim Tudor, and of the other candidates. As far as I know, the only candidate not making it to the second round and who announced his support for Mr. Iohannis is Mr. Szilagyi of the PPMT [Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania], who wants to turn Transylvania into a breakaway region, but to be very honest, I would not have wanted his support,” said Victor Ponta, quoted by Agerpres.
“I want the votes of opponents and of first round absentees”
Incumbent Prime Minister said he wants the votes that went to his first round opponents and also the votes of the first round absentees. “I am honoured by any vote of any citizen of Romania and by the support of any of my opponents. From the declarations so far, the only first round candidate who clearly stated he would vote with Mr. [second round candidate Klaus] Iohannis is Mr. [Zsolt] Szilagyi. These are Mr. Iohannis’s voters. I am honoured by and want the votes of all the other opponents and of their voters, and of those who did not attend the first round of the ballot, because I want to be the president of Romanians, which means I equally represent all those who support me and those who do not, because this is the kind of president we need after ten years during which we know what the incumbent president did,” Ponta said at PSD’s headquarters.
„I’m confident we will not only win, but will also be able to change the country”
The Prime Minister also said that he hopes to win the second round of voting by a difference of votes that should offer him the legitimacy to enforce the changes he envisages for Romania. “I am much more optimistic and confident that not only will we win, but will also be able to change the country and be able to stop the ten years (of Traian Basescu rule – editor’s note). Nevertheless, it depends on you, those who are in my campaign team to succeed in attaining this objective by a difference likely to give us legitimacy for the changes we want to make in the country in the period immediately ahead… I am absolutely convinced that on November 16 we can set off on a new road for Romania,” Ponta said.
“Iohannis is a thing; I am a man”
The PSD President also stated that PNL President Klaus Iohannis is “a thing” that addresses things, while he is a man, a Romanian that talks to people and Romanians. “Mr. Iohannis addresses things, I address people. Mr. Iohannis is a thing, I am a man, a Romanian like all htose in Transylvania, Moldavia, Lesser Wallachia, Bucharest, and I want us to make a country for people, not for things,” Ponta said in remarks relating to Ioahnnis’s electoral campaign slogan “Romania of the Thing Well-done.”
Ponta also stated that Iohannis is not a politician but “a thing” made by the “hideous ones” that stood by alongside him during the elections night at the USL headquarters. “All that was evil in the Basescu regime, in the Blaga regime, in the Anastase regime, in the Flutur regime, the Falca regime, all those that you saw hideous in the USL headquarters where we protested and we put into office the political team that toppled the Basescu regime, you see them there the other night around Iohannis, around the thing they have made, because Mr. Iohannis is a thing, not a politician and I am absolutely certain that on the 16th we can set out on a new road for Romania,” Ponta said, being quoted by Mediafax.
“I don’t want us to receive orders from outside
the country again”
Premier Victor Ponta stated on Tuesday at the videoconference with PSD’s branch leaders that he does not want us “to receive orders from outside the country again, from EPP and individuals that made a mockery of Romania in 2012,” pointing out that “we know by ourselves what’s better for Romania.” “I want to inform you that right after the elections campaign restarts I want to be by your side in a tour of Romania’s unity. I will go in Moldavia, I will go in Transylvania, I will go in Banat, in Lesser Wallachia, in Dobrogea, in Greater Wallachia, of course, because I want us to talk about Romanians and Romania, not about things and I don’t want us to receive order from outside the country again, from the EPP and other individuals that made a mockery of Romania in 2012, about how to leave in Romania,” Ponta said. “We thank them but we know by ourselves what is better for Romania and their orders and the contempt they have for Romanians is a thing we will no longer accept,” Ponta added.
“We put at your disposal all financial and human resources needed”
Referring to the chaos registered abroad in the first round of the presidential elections, when thousands of Romanians living abroad were unable to cast their votes because of the far too complicated procedures, Ponta told the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) during the government meeting that they will all lose their offices if problems will occur again in the runoff. “In Romania there was absolutely no problem, 9.6 million Romanians voted in good order. In the case of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the minister is at the Central Electoral Bureau, all measures that the Bureau will decide… we will place at its disposal all financial and human resources needed. On Sunday the 16th, headed by the minister, all secretaries of state, all of the ministry’s leadership, you will be in one of the European capitals where problems were registered, in London, Paris, Brussels… it’s your choice but you will be held personally liable and in the evening, even if I am elected president, if there is one Romanian that was unable to vote you will vacate your office. I believe each Romanian will vote,” Ponta said.
“You can persuade the people that it is important they should come to the ballot”
Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that the number of votes he got in the presidential elections on November 2 is nearly double as compared to the elections for the European Parliament on May 25, which he said compels him to win the runoff “by a clear margin” but he underscored that such a goal can be attained if people come to the ballot. “In the counties where I had very good results you can persuade the people that it is important they should come to the ballot in the second round, (persuade) our voters, the people who directly felt in their lives what happened with Traian Basescu, with (Vasile) Blaga, with (Klaus) Iohannis, with (Catalin) Predoiu, with (Roberta) Anastase, when they were in power and the good things that we’ve done… We should also send a very clear message to all the voters in the counties where I did not finish first, and speak in those counties in Transylvania about the fact that our project is for the whole of Romania and a project for the people”, said the Social Democrat who announced that as soon as the electoral campaign begins he will make a “tour of Romania’s unity.”

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