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January 27, 2023

BOR: “The alleged partisan involvement of Orthodox clergy in the campaign must be proved, otherwise every accusation is unfair”

The representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) reacted to the accusations launched last week by President Traian Basescu at Realitatea TV, according to whom “The Orthodox Church is obviously involved in the campaign”.

“About the President Traian Basescu’s opinions, expressed in a television show in the evening of November 1, 2014, about an alleged political involvement of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the electoral campaign for the presidential elections in Romania, we must point out: At any electoral moment in Romania, the Romanian Patriarchy publicly reaffirmed the political neutrality of the Romanian Orthodox Church, according to the decisions of the Holy Synod, based on the canons of Orthodox Churches. The supposed cases of political partisan involvement of Orthodox clergy in the electoral campaign must be exposed by sending proof to the Romanian Patriarchy or to the Eparchial Centres in he country, in order to prove the statements made, so that adequate measures may be taken. Otherwise, any unproved accusation is unfair and contrary to the official position of the Church. Re-establishing the full ecclesiastic communion between the Patriarchy of Jerusalem and the Romanian Patriarchy occurred after a prolonged brotherly dialogue of the delegations of the two fraternal Orthodox Churches, a dialogue mediated by the Ecumenical Patriarchy. President Traian Basescu himself had contributed to the success of this dialogue during his official visit to Jerusalem.

The Romanian Patriarchy would like to use this opportunity to publicly express its gratitude, a press release issued by BOR shows. In the mentioned television appearance, Basescu also said that he was not criticising the Church, which is so hard to criticise, considering that it is so popular. The president also declared that BOR was involved in the campaign and supported PSD, mentioning that he saw no other explanation besides the financial interests supported by the Ponta Government. On the other hand, Basescu said, Victor Ponta “left no icon unkissed in Romania”, Mediafax writes. Basescu also said that he had supported the Orthodox Church as a president, giving the pacification of Jerusalem as an example. “The Patriarch was not mentioned during the masses in Jerusalem”, Basescu declared, pointing out that “The pacification with the Church in Jerusalem occurred because of me”. Asked in the end if he believes in God, Basescu said yes, mentioning that, due to the specifics of marine activities, his relationship with God was straightforward and needed no intermediation from the priests.




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