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January 27, 2023

Iohannis says he will not negotiate with former opponents for political support in the runoff

The ACL candidate to Presidency Klaus Iohannis declared on Monday that he invited all people who considered they belonged to the right wing, including Crin Antonescu, to join him in the competition against Victor Ponta, expressing the wish to win the elections by “half of the voters plus one vote”.
Iohannis was asked what he thought about the request by a few PNL leaders to involve former party president Crin Antonescu and Monica Macovei in his presidential campaign, to increase his chances in round 2. “Yes, my invitation concerns Crin Antonescu and others as well. Anyone who thinks we can change things together is invited to step forward and say so. (…) I am making a personal invitation through you (journalists, editor’s note) to every voter”, the ACL candidate to Presidency declared.
He also expressed his opinion that Antonescu would answer his invitation. “I am telling people who consider themselves right-winged to come and join me. I represent the Romanian right wing and I oppose the unauthentic, unreformed, corrupt left-wing. And I invite all people who think that a change may be made on November 16 to come and join me, so that we can make this change together”, Iohannis declared.
He stated that the difference between him and Victor Ponta is the one between two kinds of Romania. “There is the question: what is the difference between me and Victor Ponta? I am assuming responsibility for a nation that would be respected, a country where laws are functional, a Romania of welfare and jobs. Victor Ponta’s Romania is a country of corruption and lies, of scandals all over the country, of chaos and disorder, and, as we so yesterday, of lack of respect towards the Romanian Diaspora. (…) It is utterly ridiculous. Mr. Ponta & Co are unable to organize an entire country, if they proved unable to organize a sole election day”, Iohannis declared.
The PNL President was asked what did he think should happen, so that he could win the presidential elections. “Something very simple should happen. Romanians must understand that we are not merely talking about two parties or two alliances; we are actually talking about two ways of approaching Romania’s future. I have my approach, proposing a Romania of things well done, and Victor Ponta has the Romania of scandal and lies”, Iohannis also declared.
He was asked whether he would negotiate with his former opponents in round I for political support. “I will not negotiate with any politician yet, so that things would be very clear, I want Romanians to vote for me. I want the vote of all Romanians who think I can make a difference in Romania’s politics. I invite them to accompany me, but I want the votes directly, I want a straight relation to the voter, not one intermediated by politicians, therefore I will not negotiate with candidates who left the competition”, Iohannis declared.
He mentioned that he is not against being “contacted” and offered help by former opponents. “I also have a message for Victor Ponta’s voters, too. I will not negotiate with Victor Ponta, but I invite Victor Ponta’s voters who are looking for a change to come and join me”, the PNL leader said.
He also claimed to have nothing to reproach himself regarding the campaign for the first round of the presidential elections. “I am contented with this result. It is the result I anticipated, I expected it and we will go on with our work, to have the final result we are looking for. I will win. (…) It is a difference of 10 per cent and we will continue working so that this difference will melt”, the PNL leader also declared.
The ACL candidate was also asked what the result he wanted was for round 2 of the elections. “Half plus one vote. That is enough for me”, he replied.
Moreover, Iohannis expressed his contentment on the way Liberals joined forces in the campaign, but showed his disappointment on the results achieved in Giurgiu. “I do not think anyone in ACL intervened in favour of PSD, but I must admit that the results are far from optimal in certain regions and I will work to improve them in round 2”, Iohannis also mentioned.
EPP President supports Iohannis
The EPP President Joseph Dahl advised all parties that are members of the European People’s Party, which includes PDL, PNL, PMP, UDMR and PNTCD, to support Klaus Iohannis in round 2 of the presidential elections. He assured the mayor of Sibiu of his support.
On Monday evening, Iohannis also announced that he had enforced his campaign team to start negotiations with Ponta’s team regarding one or more presidential debates in a “nonpartisan environment”, where other topics than the ones suggested by PSD would be also discussed.

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