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Ponta on electoral alliances: I am having talks with some of the candidates

Invited to Romania TV Monday night, Premier Victor Ponta, the candidate of the PSD-UNPR-PC coalition in the presidential election, said that he had already talked to some of the other candidates in the first round of the election about a possible support for the runoff, noting that he ;would not be offended by anyone’s support’.
‘It’s been a favourable vote, in Klaus Iohannis and Monica Macovei’s case there were negative votes, I mean people who refused to vote for PSD. My objective was to preserve the score in the European parliamentary election, but I obtained three points more. Klaus Iohannis, if I’m not wrong, obtained one percentage point less than the PNL and PDL combined score. I scored three extra points’, Victor Ponta said on Romania TV.
Regarding possible alliances ahead of the runoff election, Victor Ponta said he had already discussed it with some of the other candidates.
‘I have talked to some of the candidates, with other ones I will talk in the next days. I have talked to Mr. Tariceanu, Mr. Melescanu and Mr. Diaconescu. I will also talk to Mr. Vadim Tudor. Tomorrow, at the coalition meeting, I will talk to Mr. Hunor Kelemen. I don’t think I can be offended by anyone’s support. On the contrary, I am honoured if any Romanian believes I can achieve more than my opponent’, Ponta said on Romania TV.
Enquired about Elena Udrea’s statements, who reportedly suggested that she could support either one of the candidates in the runoff election, Ponta said: ‘I have not talked to Mrs. Udrea. Romanian voters, be they on the right or on the centre-left side, as long as they can overcome the passionate and pathetic part (…), if they use their brains and not the heart for thinking, know very well that the measures I have taken in the Government and those I intend to take in the future are often measures of the centre or centre or the right for the economy, that Romania’s pro-European and pro-Atlantic route is safeguarded by what I have done as prime minister and vice-president of CSAT, that justice today is more effective and independent than when Basescu and Morar were heading it. (…) I am not saying <No> to any voter’.
Monday night, on Romania TV, Prime Minister Victor Ponta also announced that, during the ruling coalition meeting scheduled on Tuesday, at 17:00, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu’s party, the Reforming Liberal Party (PLR), would be invited to become a part of the Government. .
He also said that it was possible that the new prime minister might be Calin Popescu Tariceanu.
‘We will make an official invitation on behalf of the ruling coalition to the Liberal Party headed by Mr. Tariceanu, which actually includes many of the founding members of USL, obviously with a few notable exceptions. We are making them the invitation to rejoin the new Government, the parliamentary majority and to continue with the programme of the Social-Liberal Union up until December 2016. In December 2016 we will have new elections’, Victor Ponta said live on Romania TV Monday night.
The premier also said that he expected the Reformist Liberal Party to be a part of the future government with ministers, secretaries of state, including at a ministerial level.
Asked if he would propose Tariceanu as the new prime minister, Ponta answered: ‘It’s possible. I have managed not to disclose this for so many days and I’m sure I will manage to do the same until Tuesday at 17:00, when I go to the ruling coalition meeting where I will tell them first of all that I have talked to several people who, in my opinion, would make good prime ministers for the coalition. I have a short list of candidates. They are people with whom I have worked and will definitely work against, with Mr. Melescanu, Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Maior’, Ponta also said.

Vadim Tudor has decided to support Ponta in runoff election
The leader of the Greater Romania Party (PRM), Corneliu Vadim Tudor, has decided to support Victor Ponta in the runoff of presidential election to be held on November 16. Vadim Tudor, who  obtained 3.6% in the first round of the presidential election  on Tuesday signed a collaboration protocol with UNPR Chairman Gabriel Oprea on backing the candidacy of Prime Minister Victor Ponta in the presidential election runoff, UNPR’s press office has announced.
So far, Victor Ponta (PSD) has the support of the political alliance made up of PSD, PC, UNPR, as well as Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PLR), Teodor Melescanu – independent and Corneliu Vadim Tudor (PRM).
Kelemen Hunor’s UDMR, a party in the ruling coalition, is also expected to give its official endorsement to the candidate-prime minister Victor Ponta. UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor will make the formal announcement on Thursday, 6 November 2014.


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