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May 16, 2022

Udrea: PMP will not negotiate anything for round 2

In Monday evening after a meeting of the party management that she would not negotiate anything for round 2 of the presidential elections; yet, PMP might have a point of view about the candidates left in the competition in the forthcoming period.
“We will not negotiate anything. We did not enter this competition in order to negotiate something in round II. I do not think your group of voters is like an object in your pocket you take and move as you want to. I thank people who voted for me and, out of respect for them, I do not think votes can be negotiated and I do not intend to do such thing. Yet, I might have an opinion; PMP might have a point of view on the candidates left in the competition. We will decide in the near future if we will do so”, Elena Udrea mentioned.
“We established to have discussions on our next actions related to the two rounds in the next few days. So, until the end of next week, we will reach a decision about the PMP position on the two candidates left in the competition”, Udrea added.
She further mentioned that, so far, everybody had said that they did not need the votes of candidate Elena Udrea and that they “do not want to be associated to Traian Basescu”.
So, I understand that the latest position of my opponents remaining in the competition was that they were not interested in the votes and the voters of Elena Udrea. I do not know if anything changed”, Udrea added.
PMP leader about Cristian Preda: Character is important in politics, as it is in life
The National Executive Council of PMP voted on Monday night for the exclusion from PMP of Cristian Preda, “due to the fact that he supported another candidate for Presidency”, yet, the the decision of the National Council is also required, the secretary general of PMP, Cristian Petrescu, declared.
“Elena Udrea should urgently resign from the leadership of PMP and the party should give their votes to Klaus Iohannis for the second round of elections”, party vice-president, MEP Cristian Preda recently wrote on Facebook.
Referring to PMP member of the European Parliament Cristian Preda, who criticised her lately, Elena Udrea declared that “character is important in politics, as it is in life”.
“I kept ignoring Mr. Cristian Preda lately and I begged of my colleagues, during this period when they frequently wanted to kick him out of the party, to wait until the campaign was over, so that we would not give him the satisfaction of talking about him. I think that character matters in politics just as much as it matters in life, and this is why I have nothing to say about people like Mr. Cristian Preda”, Elena Udrea answered.
The only position Traian Basescu could have in PMP is that of president
Referring to the forthcoming entrance in PMP of the present head of the state, the national leader of PMP declared on Monday that the only management position Traian Basescu would have in PMP would be that of president of the party. Udrea showed that she would not imagine that the present head of the state would join the party as a secretary general or a vice-president.
“I think that the only management position suitable for him would be that of president of the party. I do not imagine him to come as anyone’s secretary general or vice-president, God forbid. If Traian Basescu will want to lead this party, he may subscribe as a candidate at the Congress”, Udrea declared, answering a question.
She showed that the Party Congress following the presidential elections was to take place at the beginning of next year. According to its status, PMP is scheduled to have a congress anyway, and anyone willing to run for any position can do it.
Udrea also mentioned that she had talked to President Traian Basescu after the results she reached in round 1 of the elections.
“I talked to the President and, obviously, it could have been better yet, considering the circumstances we had to endure, the President appreciated these results as honourable”, Udrea said about her discussion with Basescu.

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