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January 27, 2023

Constitutional Court declines all contestations regarding presidential election

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday declined all 12 contestations requesting the cancellation of the first round of the presidential election over the faulty organization of the process at polling stations abroad.
The 12 complaints had been registered at the Constitutional Court as of Monday, after the closing of the first round of election.
Official sources told Mediafax that, among the persons who had asked that the first round of the presidential election be cancelled there were Gheorghe Funar, who ran as an independent candidate in the 2 November election, Dragos Nicolae Saramet and Irina Dragan. They complained about the organization of the voting process at the polling stations abroad, irregularities as well as the scandals that accompanied the presidential election.
The President of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean, said on Tuesday that, under the law, only the candidates in election or the parties that proposed candidates may introduce such complaints. However – he said – all complaints made to CCR will be looked into, most of them being ‘filed on the internet’.
Asked if a possible fraud leading to an annulment of the election on 2 November could be proven, Augustin Zegrean said that, in Court, it is not the job of the judge to bring evidence, but the plaintiff must support his/her claim with evidence. ‘The fact that they say in on TV, in the media or in the street that there has been fraud (in connection with the presidential election – a/n), well, this is what we hear every time. Some of the candidates even announced the fraud beforehand’, Augustin Zegrean noted.

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