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January 27, 2023

Iohannis: Gov’t should come up with solutions for the vote abroad

The candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) in the November 16 presidential runoff election Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday said the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has paved the way for more polling stations abroad for the runoff, calling on the Government to came up urgently with solutions in this case.
‘To our request for more polling stations and for securing the voting opportunities of the Romanians abroad, we were told that was not possible. But here we are now: on Tuesday, BEC interpreted Article 54(1) of Law 370 of 2004 concerning the election of Romania’s President as meaning that the number of polling stations may not be increased inside the country. Consequently, outside Romania where there are no permanent voter rolls all vote on additional lists and the way was paved for additional stations. We are calling on the Government and the Foreign Ministry to come up urgently with solutions to set up polling stations so that the Romanian Diaspora may find a practical way of voting where they want to exercise their right to vote,’ Iohannis told a press conference.
The ACL candidate mentioned that a solution in this case would be the Government passing a piece of legislation that will set up the additional polling stations.
‘Solutions are highly simple. Since the Government was able to pass an emergency ordinance overnight to legalise the political migration of mayors, I am convinced the Government has the resources to pass overnight a piece of legislation to set up the additional stations. The Ponta Cabinet is highly inventive and it better use its inventiveness for Romanians as well, not for its own interest only,’ said Iohannis.
The PNL leader also said ‘the Ponta Government made us the butt of jokes abroad for the deficient organisation at the polling stations set up for Romanians abroad’ in the November 2 first round of the presidential election.
Blaga: ACL remains optimistic about the presidential runoff
PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) chairman Vasile Blaga on Wednesday said that the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) of PDL and PNL (the National Liberal Party) remains optimistic about the runoff of the presidential election, despite going through ‘the dirtiest electoral campaign after 1990.’
‘We saw the first of the three analyses over the regions, and I need to be frank about this, we are still optimistic, together with our colleagues, with whom we work well in the alliance, and I think that we will win in the runoff, including in those regions where we lost in the first round. Our colleagues made an accurate analysis through which they showed us what we already knew in fact that they had to put up with the dirtiest electoral campaign Romania ever saw after 1990. […] However, in the end I’m sure that all these wrongdoings will backfire on Mr Victor Ponta and the ones backing him up. My colleagues are determined to go from house to house to explain all these things that just happened,’ the ACL co-chairman said at the Parliament Palace, in the end of a meeting of the Alliance leadership with the representatives of its branches in the southern region of the country.
Vasile Blaga also said that he was not pleased with any of the results in any of the regions of the county ‘as long as the ACL candidate failed to win over Ponta from the first round of the election.”
Macovei’s voters to support Iohannis
First Deputy Chair of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Andreea Paul is sure the voters of independent candidate Monica Macovei, who finished 5th out of 14 in the November 2 first round of the presidential election, will vote for candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) Klaus Iohannis, 2nd in the first round, in the November 16 runoff election.
‘I am convinced that the voters of Monica Macovei, who are highly educated and who cannot be bought or bartered for through backstage political negotiations, will show up to vote in the second round and vote for Klaus Iohannis. I have no doubt about that. I have discussed with very many voters of Monica Macovei on social networks and I am convinced that the pulse is positive and they will endorse a candidate of the political Right. They could not possibly endorse a candidate of local barons,’ Paul told a press conference on Wednesday.
She added that the People’s Movement Party (PMP) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) will in the end endorse Iohannis as well, because both are members of the European People’s Party (EPP).
‘Both PMP and UDMR are members of the European People’s Party (EPP) and their agreement is sealed, it does not have to be discussed, negotiated or bartered for. The EPP member parties are endorsing candidate Klaus Iohannis. In the second round of the presidential election there is a Left candidate, Victor Ponta, remaking a red quadrilateral, and the Right candidate, Klaus Iohannis, endorsed by the EPP member parties, and particularly by Romanians,’ said Paul.
In her opinion, Tariceanu will never be the prime minister, and by such promise Ponta is only trying to fool the Liberals into voting for him.

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