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January 27, 2023

Macovei starts new party

After running in the elections as an independent, Monica Macovei decided to start a party. The MEP announced on a socializing network that she would meet the demands by her supports and would initiate a new political group.
The political program of the future political group will be precisely the one Monica Macovei created when entering the Presidential elections, and the main objective is the struggle against corruption.
Monica Macovei declared that the results she achieved at the elections of November 2 – 4.44 per cent – would have granted her a number of approximately 20 deputies and 10 senators in the parliamentary elections of 2012. “We share the same values: fairness, justice, dignity and integrity – and these will be the basis of the new party. We must add organization to all the enthusiasm we shared in our electoral campaign and on election day. We saw who we were and how many of us there were. We will see how fast we can increase our number. We are over half a million today, in a year, we may be twice as many, Monica Macovei wrote on her Facebook page.
Together, we managed results of 12 per cent in Bucharest. We reached 11.87 per cent in Cluj Napoca and 7.74 in Cluj County. In Timisoara, there were 9.23 per cent of you who voted for our project and 6.19 per cent in Timis County. In Iasi, we reached over 10 per cent and in Constanta, we had 8.84 per cent. Abroad, we received 15.1 per cent. Statistics shows that most of my voters were young people aged from 18 to 35 and persons benefiting of superior education”, Macovei wrote on Facebook.
She had hinted on Sunday evening, after the first round of the presidential elections was completed and the results of exit polls were announced, that she would create a new political party.
Monica Macovei is a member of the European Parliament and was a member of PDL.
“Here, we will start our new construction, this is the basis of a functional, clean construction, where people are at the centre and have a real attendance to the decision. If we have managed to achieve these results in big cities without money, structures and local barons, despite of the cities being controlled by experienced politicians, it is proof that we are able to make a change. We will announce decisions related to the name of the new party during the next few days. We will start a new party based on the principles and values we supported together in this campaign: justice, liberty, capitalism and a law that is equal to everyone. Our message must be carried over in every city, in every commune and in every village”, Macovei concluded.
At the closing of edition, Macovei was expected to hold a press conference which was aimed to announce support for ACLís candidate Klaus Johannis in the 2nd round of presidential elections but also to make reference to her future political construction, named by Mrs. Macovei ìthe third poleî in the election night.

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