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January 31, 2023

National Rural Development Program on the right road at EC

A “document” presented today in a central daily shows that the European Commission’s analysis is very critical of the National Rural Development Program (PNDR) which Romania sent to the European body a few months ago.
According to the Bucharest daily, the Commission is asking the Romanian Government to revise the PNDR project. Among other things, because “a significant share of the resources is focused on developing the agriculture’s productive function – almost 30 per cent of the FEADR funds are earmarked for Priorities 2 and 3 and concerns farms with a standard production equal to or greater than EUR 8,000, which are considered farms with sufficient economic potential. Although the strategy points to small and medium farms and family farms as being the top priority, in practice this criterion leads to a very high concentration of funds for a limited number of farms, practically excluding 97 per cent of farms in Romania from the possibility of benefitting from the PNDR measures which seek to promote competitiveness.”
The office of George Turtoi, secretary of state within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), sends the following observations:
“PNDR 2014-2020 was openly appreciated by the European Commission as being of good quality and coherent, and the comments in their overwhelming majority mainly concern problems that have to do with form not with essence. The text presented by ‘Adevarul’ daily represents a first position which the Commission’s special services had sent to Romania and this position has already been debated with European Commission experts at the end of October in Brussels. All member states, not just our country, received similar observations.
After clarifying these aspects, a new debate will be organized, in the same transparent manner, with all representatives of the sector, in order to establish Romania’s position in the negotiations with the European Commission representatives. The National Rural Development Program 2014-2020 was drafted by consulting all representatives of the agriculture and rural development sector. Each stipulation was subjected to debate and vote, this being the most transparent consultation within the framework of European financing programs in Romania.”

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